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The designs behind the most iconic Met Gala looks

The designs behind the most iconic Met Gala looks
Set to take place on Monday the 6th May, the highly-anticipated 2019 Met Gala is fast-approaching. Following on from 2018’s ‘Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination’, this year’s theme for celebrities to take inspiration from is ‘Camp: Notes on Fashion’. We’re predicting over exaggerated styles and over-the-top accessories. As we can imagine, diamond-encrusted Papal tiaras and draping dresses are carefully designed and timely to create. Before we sit back and enjoy the costumes of this year’s event, read on as we review some of the most iconic Met Gala outfits and explore the designers and creation of the dresses. Rihanna and Guo Pei in 2015 Before Rihanna stepped onto the Met Gala red carpet wearing that iconic yellow cape, Chinese Guo Pei had been creating couture for more than 30 years. In fact, this exact masterpiece had been designed for a 2012 show in China and it had been at in Guo’s studio until it was snapped up …

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