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How should you dress for different dates?

Whether you’re going out for a romantic meal or spending time adventuring outdoors, I’ve come up with the ultimate style guide for dates in 2019.

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Flirty fine dining
Sometimes we love to treat ourselves with a spot of fine dining. It might be a restaurant that you and your other half have been wanting to visit for a while, but you’ve been saving it for a special occasion. With some fine dining venues operating a strict dress code, what should you wear?
Choose a floor-length dress if you want to amp up the formality of your look.  Many women go for a fancy look when they’re heading to a posh restaurant so it’s unlikely that you’ll look out of place. If you feel overdressed, pair yours with flat shoes and a short jacket. Alternatively, you could pair a midi dress with heeled boots and a stylish clutch. Go for a statement print and flirty frills to channel Valentine’s vibes — but remember to avoid overly bright tones.
Date-night drinks
For weekend date nights, you might fancy a few drinks together. Go dressy with one of your party dresses, keep it flirty with a pink mini dress, scarlet lacy bodysuit or a bold ruby-coloured jumpsuit. Or, stay classic in an LBD and accessorise by adding a pop of colour to your outfit with red accessories. Elevate your ensemble with statement stilettos or barely-there block heels. Finish the look with dainty jewellery such as heart-shaped earrings and a pendant necklace.

Cosy cinema date
Perhaps you’ve decided to go on a cute cinema date for your next night together. Of course, you still want to make an effort, but you need to be comfy when you’re snuggling during the film.
Pair black skinny jeans with a bright Bardot top and cute tote bag (perfect for hiding snacks as well as looking stylish!). Bring some colour to your outfit with animal print ankle boots or chunky printed scarf.
Eating out first? Opt for something dressier like a loose-fitted T-shirt dress and over-the knee boots.

A night in for two
Make a candlelit home-made meal for two followed by popcorn and your favourite film. You can still dress up, even if you do want to get changed into your pyjamas straight after dinner!
Since you’re staying in the house, you want to be comfy. You could opt for an accordion midi skirt, paired with an off-the-shoulder crop top. Or, choose an unstructured jumpsuit that’ll look great if you decide to head out after eating!
Make up for it with accessorising — hooped earrings and a matching bracelet are the perfect finishing touches.

Romantic stroll
If you’re exploring with your special someone you need to consider practicality. You don’t want to be falling over on your romantic date so walking shoes or appropriate footwear are a must. Add layers to your outfit with a cosy fleece, padded puffer jacket and a cute bobble hat. If you’re planning on going out to lunch on your way home, consider wearing a dressy top under your layers, just in case your other half wants to snap a photo of you as a memory of your perfect day. 

What’s your next date night? Make sure your style-prepped with our different date style guide.



  1. Nice tips. It really depends on the person really. If that makes you comfortable then do it.

  2. Ha! Love the tote to bring snacks in to the movies! I liked this article short but full of information. Lately my favorite dates are at home, never really dress up, but I will try this! Thanks

  3. This is such great advice, not only for style, but also for date ideas! I love that you mix it up.

  4. These are such fun tips! Even if you just do a romantic date at home, dressing up is part of it. So great!!

  5. Such fun tips and you look so lovely!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  6. Hahahaha this one is surely a guide to dates! lbd is the easiest way for any ocassion i think. works good casual or formal!

    VVEEKEND 101

  7. It does make sense that we should dress accordingly. It makes a great impact and difference when we go out.

  8. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful information with us.

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  10. Nice one liked your all collections especially dress for different dates For weekend date nights.
    thank you so much foe sharing this lovely post.


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