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Tips on travelling while pregnant

Most ladies have inhibitions about travelling while pregnant. Especially if its their first pregnancy. The fear of unknown - the journey in itself, the new place we are travelling to, unsure of the medical and hygiene factors there, etc. All the fears of travelling of the mum to be are because she doesn't want to take chances with her unborn baby. 

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tips on travelling while pregnant, airport look, pregnant airport look, what to wear on long haul flight, wear when travelling while pregnant, british blog, london blog, indian blogger

Sometimes the doctor might advise not to travel. I had a low lying placenta at my 12 weeks scan and the doctor told me to not travel i.e by any mode of transport till the placenta got up. 

In early pregnancy ( till 12 weeks )  jerks can be dangerous so it is advised to keep that risk to minimum. To be cautious of travelling by bus or car on bumpy roads or best avoided. Most airlines ask for a fit to travel certificate post 32 weeks. Train travel is the smoothest of all. 

Having said that most ladies don't know they are pregnant until 5 or 6 weeks. So they just go about their life the usual way. I myself took 2 flights including 1 long haul flight from UK to India and made numerous train journeys in the first month of my pregnancy. I had no symptoms until week 5 and sometimes got my period a few days late, so. 

At my 20 weeks scan the placenta had moved up so my doctor lifted the travel restrictions. I was happy to finally not be bound but as a first time mum to be i had so many fears - i just didn't know how travelling will be.  Hoped my body wouldn't behave in some weird way. Anyways i had loads of advice from family, friends and the doc so i am sharing it all here, including my personal experience from my first travel at 23 weeks that happened to be on a long haul flight!!!!

1. Before planning any travel make sure you get a green signal from your doc. My pregnancy was an unplanned surprise. My husband and I like absolute nerds didn't know anything about being pregnant and what all it involved. I had heard from the ladies in my family to be careful and not travel the first 12 weeks thats it. In our oblivion we booked our flight to the UK from India and a holiday in Italy and Switzerland. Only to be told by the doc at the 12 weeks scan that i have low lying placenta and not fit to travel till it goes up which we will only find out at our 20 weeks scan!!!! Bummer!!! The flights had no policy for cancellation due to pregnancy so we ended up taking that hit. Luckily Airbnb was very cooperative and we were able to cancel our accommodations for 0 cost after providing a doctors certificate to Airbnb.

2. Carry a copy of your prenatal records including ultrasound in your hand luggage. 

3. Take all your prenatal medicines with you. Keep travel portions in your hand luggage so your medicine routine is not disturbed because of travelling. 

4. Research well on the hygiene, sanitary and medical facilities of the place you are travelling to. So you are well prepared. In general drink packaged water, don't eat raw cut fruits or vegetables and be careful with using toilets. 

5. Wear easy breezy loose clothes and comfy shoes. Like my loose shirt dress and flats. Keep easy layers in your carry on bag because flights can be cold. I kept a pair of leggings and a cardigan. 

6. Keep yourself hydrated throughout the journey. Keep sipping on that water. 

7. Every hour or so take a walk inside the flight / train. Stop the car and walk a bit if travelling by car. This one is super important for long haul flights or when travelling long distance by train or car or bus. Walking keeps your blood circulation moving and prevents clots. 

8. Eat something every couple of hours. Bring your snacks, don’t just depend on the flight food and beverage service. 

9. Get yourself pregnancy stockings and wear them on long haul flights. They prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis ( Dvt ) a sort of a clot that can form due to sitting for prolonged periods. Walking helps too.

10. Do not hesitate to ask for help. Be it for lifting your luggage or anything. People are super kind and helpful, actually more than we expect most times. 

11. Don’t go through the glass cabin like detectors. There wasn’t one at Delhi airport but London Heathrow and Birmingham airport have ones in place. Ask the security to search you physically. 

12. Take the aisle seat in the flight - helps with frequent trips to the toilet.

13. Being on a cruise or ship can make / add to your nausea so best avoided unless you are a pro. 

14. Be confident that you can do it you are only pregnant not sick. This is the most important. Be cautious and listen to your body. Follow the safety measure advised by the doctor but also remember the more normal you take yourself and your pregnancy the easier it will be. Don't let people get you - sometimes the mothers and aunties are too much.


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