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How to not be a shopaholic

I promise to speak nothing that is not from personal experience. I have been a shopaholic to the point of returning home with something I fancied almost every couple of days. It was a sort of a validation that I was doing well financially, you know I can afford to buy so why stop!!! This was when I worked in a bank, you know out of college, 0 responsibilities, new money in a decent proportion, haha!!! I left my stupid job but this habit continued for a good couple of years because Vaibhav had an even bigger belief, I should be just swiping cards and getting blow drys!!! Pieces would hang in my wardrobe without price tags taken from them, not for days and weeks but months and then they were out of season so basically never worn. It was all boiling, boiling too bad. From the inside, I was no more happy to buy anything but it had sort of become a habit and then I was blogging about fashion so all the more reason to be dressed in the latest trends. My overflowing wardrobe was suffocating me really bad but luckily, before it would need third party intervention my consciousness and strength returned and I said No. No to my nemesis. 

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If my story resonates with you and if you are struggling with shopping addiction I have these following 5 points that helped me get out of mine.

  1. Take every item out of your wardrobe including makeup, shoes, bags, and other accessories and then have a good look at everything. I don’t have a white t-shirt, well you find out you have 5, so obviously don’t have to buy. 
  2. Start something new- like a new hobby or a new routine. It will distract you from your current favourite pastime. I started focussing on lifestyle and travel posts for my blog which meant not thinking about clothes and things.
  3. Unsubscribe all the store mailers and stop your pastime of browsing through online shops - mailers make you run to their site and buy n items you don’t need. Ok, you will lose the discount code sometime but a 10% or 20% dis loss is better than the bigger hole in your pocket from buying not needed items. 
  4. There is no way that you wouldn’t buy anything. But before buying make sure that you have 5 outfits and occasions in mind that you can style/ wear the piece. 
  5. This one is hard and not so pleasant and sometimes we don't want to care but actually, there are people dying without clothes. Realise. If you are blessed accept the blessing and choose to spread.
This is a small post, I feel each point needs a full-fledged blog post, consider it as an intro to the many posts that will come your way on not just how to not be a shopaholic but also how to choose less over more. 

Do/ have you struggled with shopping addiction? Please share your suggestions in the comments.




  1. Great post! I think it's hard to not shop when we are surrounded by sale alerts and beautiful ladies with pretty shiny or non shiny things! But I do agree that we also have to live within our means. I think that's the hard part to do.

  2. I never had an shopping addiction but I know addiction are hard to overcome! I applaud you for taking action and overcoming it.

  3. Great post - I have noticed that I do feel happier when I go shopping - I know there is a psychological something going on with me! Kaz

  4. These are great tips, like taking everything out of the the closet. When I do that I get surprised at how many items I buy that I already have


  5. I wouldn't say I am addicted as such but I do buy a lot more than I ever need or should have x

  6. I used to buy so much stuff when I was younger. But now I'm older, I tend to invest in key pieces rather than a lot of fast fashion x

  7. haha, how recognizable! Luckely I now get a lot of clothes from brands, it's shopping without the costs!

  8. I am one of those people who hates shopping, be it in a shopping centre, department store or even food shopping x

  9. Interesting post. I can relate to how I used to be shopping crazy girl but now I am not. I started to change when I realized some of the clothes I buy, I never wear them again and realized that's money waste right there. These are some great tips.

  10. I have got carried away with shopping on occasion, but there comes a time when it isn't the be all of life and we all grow up. I think it is good to give away a few clothes to charity and try not to waste too much money.

  11. I've never been one to really get into the idea of fashion and buying clothes. For me a few a tees and some jeans I'm good to go! I like the tips you've included thought especially organising what you have so you don't buy more of the same!

  12. I totally hear you with this post. I've tried hard to curb my shopping addiction too. These are great suggestions!

  13. What a helpful post, girl! I have definitely purchased things I didn't actually need and for the reasons you've mentioned you would shop frequently, too. I've found that taking inventory of everything in my wardrobe works in helping me to control my spending, though I've still made some impulse buys :( Thanks for sharing, girlie, and I hope you have a great weekend ahead!



  14. I'm on a fairly strict budget which helps but I know how easy it can be to get in to that mindset, thank you for posting.

  15. These are great points! I did 6 months without shopping at the start of this year to try getting my shopping habits under control as I was buying a lot. I had various rules in place like wearing things twice in the month I buy them, but felt I should just focus on enjoying my existing wardrobe. I ended up going 7 months without shopping, it was a fun experience to try, and I definitely don't have the urge to shop as often now! :)

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend! We've put our Christmas tree up and gone to a few Christmas events this weekend. So far, it's been a good one and the predicted wild weather hasn't hit yet which is nice!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  16. I love shopping and never resist the opportunity, but I would not call myself a shopaholic or addict. It's just something that is fun for me.

  17. I love this post. Shopping is fun and I love finding new items, but I tend to sometimes go overboard. I have really tried to be careful with what I buy this year and I've done really good!

  18. Excellent points and we bloggers don't help! I try to buy investment pieces and do try to highlight that my outfits are so many years old when they are.

  19. Nice read dear. I needed this reminder. ha! Thanks for sharing, I really love yourp points, especially the last one. Really puts things into perspective.

    Jessica |

  20. You're so amazing. I love your outfit.

    One question, how would you describe your style?

    Alexandra | How to Style Polka Dots Outfit

  21. Very good post! I have a monthly budget that i stick to and I also buy via poshmark, a thrift site. I feel better knowing i am sticking to a budget, than if i just bought anything i wanted. very good tips!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

  22. Excellent article. I really like your tips.
    thanks for sharing.


  23. Awesome post! My new goal is to go six months without shopping-- no clothes, accessories, or makeup. Number one is going to come in handy to help me see how much I have and how much I don't need.


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