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The Perfect Guest Bedroom

The guest bedroom is always a challenge since it's not occupied for the greater time of the year there is a tendency to fill it up with crap, you know can’t think of a place to keep, lets just put it for the time being in the guest bedroom. Or when the kids leave home and you suddenly find yourself with a lot of extra space, it might be a challenge to decide what to do with it! If you don’t pick an idea and see it through, you’ll end up with spare rooms filled up with old boxes, not able to make any use of them.

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It is only senseful to first stop the mindset of treating your guest bedroom as a dump room and then clear out if you have done some damage. If you have boxes and furniture you can’t simply dispose of, consider looking for storage facilities nearby to keep them safe. If you look at you’ll find they also include free pick up of your stored items, so you don’t have to worry about actually getting them to the storage facility. 
When you have an empty canvas to work with you can begin designing the perfect guest bedroom.

Beds and Bedding
Obviously, the centre of a guest bedroom has to be the bed. You need to keep your guests comfortable while they’re staying there. Beds and mattresses can be very expensive though, and compromising on price might lead you to end up with an uncomfortable bed that your guests can’t get a good night’s sleep on.
Fortunately, there are regular deals on mattresses, as it’s become an extremely competitive industry in the last few years so you might be able to pick up a bargain in a sale. 
If you can’t, or you’re waiting for the right bargain to swoop on, it might be a better idea to pick up a high quality air mattress, and luxurious bedding as a stopgap measure. A good air mattress can be just as comfortable as a regular one and gives you a little more flexibility as well.
If you also get some good quality sheets, blankets and duvet covers, your guests will still have a perfect night’s sleep in the lap of luxury.
Going the Extra Mile
Once you have the basics established, the key to creating the perfect guest bedroom is adding extra touches.
Getting some fresh flowers in when you have guests arriving is a great idea that makes the room feel fresher and shows your guests some real personal consideration. Similarly, stocking a few key points in the room with candles is a lovely touch that makes it feel more intimate. You can even add scented candles to help freshen the room up before your guests arrive.
You could also stock the bedside tables with a few well chosen books and magazines so they’ll have a good read to hand. This is a great way to make your guest bedroom feel personal, and not like a bland hotel room.

Hope these tips were helpful, thank you for stopping by, see you with my next. 




  1. Definitely tips I. Can take from this, as I often ending up using any free space as a dumping ground much to the Other Half’s dismay x

  2. Some great tips here. When i need to make a guest bedroom i will definitely take these tips

  3. We're still working on our guest bedroom. It's getting there though and we've already had guests!

  4. Great tips hun! You're so right, a lot of our guest bedrooms usually are just abandoned.

    Funmi x

  5. I don't have a spare room - my house is full of my children! Kaz

  6. Really great tips! I'd love to have a guest bedroom - especially for guests during the Christmas holidays!

  7. What an awesome tips and i should apply this, our guest room looks a stock room lol.

  8. I need to clear out the spare room and stop using it for storage space. It would be lovely to have a guest room which could double up as a "reading" room for relaxing, snoozing and reading in

  9. What a pretty idea! I love decorating so I think it's a reminder to work on our guest bedroom!

    Jessica |

  10. This is definitely "the perfect" guest room*.*


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