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My personal style and why you must find yours

Personal style, gosh the sole reason i started this blog. To find it and improve it!!!! Now before i delve deeper into my own personal style, what it is, how i found it and why you should too, let me put the most important thing i learnt in the last 2.5 years and that is,  personal style is just a state it is not forever until u keep it that way. That means it changes, evolves with what you see, where you go and are, the people you meet, etc etc. So i wouldn’t say the style i have right now is forever because as a person i constantly evolve and my signature style at any point is only a reflection of that current state and totally open to changes and who knows it might be completely different a couple of years down the line, i guess thats the beauty of fashion!!!!

Why you must find your personal style - It makes your life so much easy because you know what looks good on you and you feel great in so you only buy those things. And when you buy appropriate pieces you don’t waste time making and matching outfits, your wardrobe is like a zen everything goes with almost everything and most importantly you wear everything so no money waste!!!! 

What my style is-  Simple, effortless, chic with some amount of edge and romance but before everything super comfortable!!! Now that describes my style but what pieces exactly make my style? here they are breaking into clothing, shoes, accessories and hair.
Clothing- As much as any other girl i like wearing dresses and skirts but i absolutely love wearing jeans/ trousers. I feel great with jeans / trousers on and obviously when i feel great my day is bound to be great!!!! Between the two as also seen on the blog i mostly wear jeans because of my lifestyle so i am always looking for great pairs and my current favourite is the straight leg as for trousers i like wide leg. I like to pair them with basic tee’s or chic blouses mostly white or the same colour as the bottom. A sucker for monochrome and talking of white, you guys know its my absolute favourite colour all year, other colours i choose are blue, grey, pale pink, nude, red and black in order. 
Shoes and accessories- I like to bring more interest to my looks with my shoes and accessories. So it will not be wrong to say that I take many liberties when it comes to shoes and accessories. Mules both heeled and flat, loafers, pointed toe kitten heels, converse are all love at the moment.  When it comes to jewellery my one and only choice is earrings with the rarest of rare exception of chokers and dainty necklace. Earrings just bring so much to all my outfits, from satetemnt pieces to sleek i like to experiment and choose the best one for the look. Not much of a bag person and i mostly like an easy to carry fuss free shoulder bag but i am totally digging the bucket bags at the moment!!
Hair- 9/10 times hair in a braid. With the length of my hair it becomes super difficult to be active and do stuff when my hair is open, doesn’t hurt since i love braids!! Hair plays a big role in bringing romance to my looks. 

I love details in outfits and layering so autumn winter fashion is more exciting!!!!

Guys after i found and most importantly decided to stick to this particular style my life has been so easy, i barely take a minute or two to decide what i have to wear, all the pieces look great with each other and i always have loads of options even though i only shop three max four times a year. 

What i wore - Top- asos, Jeans- asos, shoe- river island 

With Personal style and my style addressed in this post i am going to write about how you can find your own signature style/personal style in the next post, actually wanted to cover everything in one post but this is already huge!! So next post, monday. 

I so loved writing this post, regular readers know but feels great to share.

Thank you for stopping by, see you with my next!




  1. I'll look forward to your next post. I think I do need to find my style as it will make life a lot easier. Mich x

  2. So great to hear you have worked out your personal style, I kinda know mine but still not 100% sure and sometimes chop and change depending on my mood

    Laura x

  3. I like your style. It suits you very much. Following your blog for a while, I picked up some of your style ideas and love them :)

  4. I do believe I'm my own person and have my own since of what I consider my style even in my 40s.

  5. Very nice post! You ve got a great style!

  6. Great outfit, lovely pants and pictures ;)

  7. Beautiful pair of trousers! And an interesting post :)

  8. Love what you wore here! And loved reading this post :)

  9. Loved reading this ... And those pants with those boots are absolutely stunning!

  10. You look lovely and I like your personal style 😍

  11. Those embroidered pants looks so elegant and backdrop is so different!
    Loved all the shots

  12. After a really long time dear. The outfit is totally amazing. The pants with the boots are just going great. WOW...:)

  13. Fabulous post. My style is more towards being comfortable yet keeping it elegant. I'm a mommy and live in England so there is a lot of walk here plus always on the run with a 3 yr old.


  14. I love all these shots! It's so important to find what works for you!

  15. You have a really gorgeous style Chichi. Hope you are having a great start to your week hun. Gemma x

  16. You look amazing babe! Love those black embroidered jeans so much.
    xx Rubi
    Pose & Repeat

  17. You look fab. I'm yet to figure out mine!!

  18. What a lovely outfit, love those jeans! :)

    XO, Melissa


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