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Should I Go to Homecoming with a Date or with the Squad?

Another fun post today! The title of the post says homecoming for google search reasons but this post is really for any get togethers, reunions or events. A reunion coming up and the decision to be taken is whether to go with a date or in a group? Let’s talk about a few reasons why people would choose to go to their 'homecoming dance' with a date, with their squad, or go solo.

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Going with a Date - When you are in a relationship, going to your homecoming dance with your significant other is a no-brainer. For couples, going to these celebrations will be a chance to enjoy some quality loving moments as you slow dance to the year’s most romantic tunes. Unless your partner is unavailable for the event, then you should have no problems going with a date to this special event. 
If you are not in a relationship but have been eyeing a specific person to share a memorable night with, then this could be your chance to invite them as your date. And this option is not limited to just the boys and men, as girls and women can also ask the apple of their eye to be their homecoming date. The risks of asking someone out as a date would be greatly rewarded should they say yes. If they turn you down, then you’ll have to deal with the sting for a while, but at least you gave it a try. 
Main decision to be made is the outfit, whether you'll like to  wear short homecoming dress 2018 styles  on showcase atm or can you'll go for an eye-catching long gown.  
And yet, while there are significant reasons to go to homecoming with a date, those who are not eyeing specific persons may always opt for group dates.

Going with a Group - If you don’t have a date for your homecoming dance, there really is no reason to worry. One sure-fire way to make sure that your homecoming night is one you will remember for years to come is to attend with your friends. Imagine all the laughter and the lovely pictures you can share with your homecoming squad looking all glamorous in your gorgeous colour-coordinated dresses.

There are a number of reasons why going with a group to homecoming is so much more enjoyable, including the following:

1. You don’t need to go through an awkward date night.
Yes, sometimes people think that they really like somebody but when they get the chance to spend time with them, they turn out to be the kind of people you would rather not hang out with. Dates might be really awkward that you don’t really get to talk to each other, but you’ll never have to worry about this when you are with your friends.
2. Dancing with friends is so much more fun.
These are just two of many reasons why you should not worry about going to any event like homecoming, wedding, get together, any special event without a date. On top of these, no date or squad can make you enjoy celebrations better than yourself. So, yes, if you would prefer to attend by yourself, then go ahead. It’s totally okay to go solo! You and your perfect dress can be the stars of the night if you go for it.

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  1. Nice look ;)

  2. I always went to homecoming dances with a group. We had a blast and I always had more fun in a group than with a date. So if my opinion helps, go in a group! You are beautiful! Have fun!

  3. You look so beautiful! Love so much your skirt and your bag is amazing!

  4. Wow ... what a great outfit. With whomever you go, you are thinking star of the evening

  5. I think homecoming with squad is much more fun than date

  6. Lovely outfit, that skirt is such a pretty colour. And you're right dancing with a group is so much more fun x

  7. I think I much prefer the idea of going with a squad. It sounds like a lot more fun to me. I really like the outfit you picked here!

  8. I love your outfit so much. That skirt is really pretty. I would rather go with a squad.

  9. Lovely outfit, i like the skirt very stylish! Totally agree with you being in a group of friends is best. Great post

  10. I will choose going with friends rather than with a date to a homecoming party. One does not want an awkward person in the party.

  11. I love this philosophy! It is way more fun to go with friends rather than just be obligated to hang out with a random date. :)

  12. I'm always on homecoming party with friends. With the loved one, other types of dates are planned.

  13. Fabulous!!!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Gil Zetbase

  14. I'd definitely choose to go with a date ;)

  15. I wish I had thought of this WAY back in the day when I was in high school and college, and these special events occurred. I just never went to them, but I could have joined some gal friends, and had fun as a group.

  16. You look so beautiful. I would definitely go with my squad. As you mentioned, dancing with friends is so much more fun and its just much more fun with the squad there.

  17. Going with your squad is the best. You and your friends could actually make memories you could talk about when you get older.

    Jessica |


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