Two easy tips to wear check on check outfit

Without any detours here are two easy tips to wear two checks aka a check on check look / outfit. 

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What i wore - Trousers, Boots - Zara Blazer - Nakd

1. Keep one bold and one subtle. As you can see in this outfit. My trouser has small subtle check and my blazer has big bold check. I am clothed in print but this way the outfit still looks effortless and chic. I would also like to add if there is an area on your body that you want to conceal, for eg if your top part is heavy you can choose to wear small print on the top part of your body and vice versa. 
2. Second tip for wearing two check prints is to stick to neutral colours so you keep the effortless vibe going. Styling it for your body shape you can choose to wear a darker print on the area you want to conceal and lighter print on the area you want to highlight. 



  1. Love this look, perfect for Autumn !! also check out my new blog

  2. This outfit is amazing and the mix looks great!

  3. Love the styling and you look amazing :)

  4. Great look! x

  5. I had to look really closely to even see the trousers were check as well. So you're right doing subtle patterns works well x

  6. I am not a huge fan of check but it does look good on you. Well done!

  7. looking wonderful!
    have a great weekend,

  8. You look beautiful and so classy!!I love to read your every post.your website layout is good for users and your writing skills is very impressive .I loved it and enjoyed a lot.Thanks for sharing


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