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This is a bit of an unusual post. If you follow me on Instagram you know i have been asking questions. Questions that matter. That put sense to life, what is primary, what is secondary. Been up with reading, thinking, asking, finding the what and why's. Basically giving to my true calling ever since i was a child. Wisdom. I'll do a full post on it very soon. But today i am sharing some of my thoughts gained after much debate. Shared on instagram but never here. Some of it is shared on instagram story and present as story highlight on my feed and some are shared via instagram posts but i always use the hashtag #brainheartwork to share and here they are from a couple of months. I call it brain heart work because the thoughts are a product of both mind and heart, haha!!!

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1. Things don't work out, people don't work out but whatever is meant for our greatest good 100% works out, the truth of this universe. The dots connect always just sometimes in hindsight.
2. Everyone other that you is a second. Focus on the first, You. Your maximum love and affection should be for yourself and same ways your strongest criticism too. Caress yourself and also impress yourself and truly be your favourite person.
3. Its only worth looking at ourselves, what we are and what we are doing and improve that because none of us are vice / fault free.
4. Surround yourself with real kind and inspiring people because the people around us shape us in more ways than what our conscious self knows, got to be careful.
5. There is no randomness in this world, everything is planned to the T. So if you are running late or plans change or whatever there is reason behind. Sometimes it becomes obvious then and there, sometimes late and there is also a chance that you might never know.
6. Love me or love me not, no value. Love yourself, utmost value.
7. Everything in the world is ok, the problem is we are not ok with it. 
8. Your best intentions, actions and emotions are only good for the right person and always short for the wrong person. 

You can now already see me sharing my thoughts here on topics that matter to me and i can't be more excited to tell you that there will more posts on thoughts and wisdom here on the blog. 



  1. Love it!

  2. This is such a cool post, lady- I can wait to read more of you brain + heart work!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  3. Great post. Also love your socks!

  4. Love it!! Great read.

    xo | Cindy Elena

  5. Waiting for more of it!!!
    Amazingly written!

  6. #brainheartwork is a great hashtag and I love the thought behind it. Excited to see more wisdom based posts. We all have something to share and I really enjoy reading other peoples thoughts on a topic as it encourages me to think about different things too.

  7. It is nice just to let tour mind wander and even better to write it down like a sling clean for the mind x

  8. such inspirational words and something for us all to contemplate

  9. I'm off to check out the hashtag! I love your list - going to reread it again now.

  10. so many good words of advice!

  11. This is such a personal experience and account of your inner thoughts, so thank you for sharing and offering advice. I'd agree with you in that fact that sometimes things don't work out but maybe there is a bigger picture idea for it and it can lead you into a totally different direction.

  12. some of the best ideas,art and feelings were discovered by taking two hands full of mud and throwing it on the wall.
    It'll be interesting to see what sticks after you're done.

  13. It's great to hear more of your personal thoughts. great post!

  14. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Great post!

  15. number 8 really spoke to me, we go through life thinking why is this and that person receiving and accepting the way i feel until we meet someone that takes in what we say and responds to it do we realise that.

  16. These are wonderful little mantras to have each day x

  17. "Everything in the world is ok, the problem is we are not ok with it." - I love this, and I could not agree more with this one. It reminds me of the quote from George Carline, which says 'The world is fine. The people are f*cked'

    Jessica |


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