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How to plan a wedding in the family

Weddings in the family and those of close friends call for a good time but can also leave one extremely exhausted, if not done with a plan. I can also say so from experience as my life has been all about weddings for the last 8 months. Two of my younger sisters got married within a gap of 2 odd months. Two big fat Indian weddings in 3 months, you can understand the drill. The second wedding just got done and last night we were reflecting on how everything went, what helped and what did not. We all concluded that it is not some rocket science but actually some basic things and realities of today's time that help just like they do in everyday life and situations. They not only kept us relaxed but also helped us actually enjoy the wedding functions.

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1. Lists are always a good idea. An excel even better in today's time. Make an excel for the active participants and jot down every single detail. The wedding functions, the guest list, the food, the shopping, the outfits, the jewelry, the timings, the ceremonies, the rituals, et all. A master list and individual lists. Update all changes and ask people to check daily or weekly to be in loop. 

2. Allocate jobs. No point taking all stress on oneself. Moreover, people are mostly happy to help.

3. Shopping - For our big fat indian weddings involving 5 different wedding functions shopping was a stress point. Initial research on pinterest and instagram is something I strongly recommend you do before heading to the stores. When you are clear with what you want and have the outfits somewhat in your head, shopping is a breeze.  Also for Indian wear we do not usually check online but I was pleasantly surprised with what we got from the internet. My sisters checked a few wedding wear designers online and were specially besotted by Anita Dongre's designer wedding sarees. It housed bridal sarees, party wear sarees, designer sarees,  gotta patti sarees; just about everything. We also found lehngas, suits etc. online and it was this online shopping that saved most of our time and hassle. 

4. There is no point stressing on everything turning out to be perfect. Weather might have a different mood, someone might get stuck in traffic, the bride might not be ready on time, etc. It's all possible so don’t have the expectation of it all being perfect, what is perfection anyways? Be happy with whatever best you can make do.

5. Less is always more and quality will always win over quantity. This was our mantra for the weddings and I am super proud that we didn’t let ourselves get carried away by the many lures. 

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Do you have a wedding coming up? Hope this post was helpful




  1. Wedding preparations by nature can be stressful but 2 in 2 months of each other takes a whole new level of stressful

  2. Great list for those in the throes of a what is a very stressful event to organise. Particularly when family politics gets involved.

  3. Such great tips. I was married once but don't think I will be doing it again! Kaz

  4. Really great post. Anything that can help ease the stress of planning a wedding!

  5. I planned my own wedding in 6 weeks, was glad I didn't have time to stress, i even had my honeymoon before the big day as well lol

  6. Weddings can be super stressful hope this helps someone with there planning

  7. This sounds like such a stressful experience (also fun once it comes together) it’s important to remember nothing can ever be perfect!

  8. I absolutely love weddings, but I've never had the stress of planning any or being heavily involved enough to be exhausted by them. It sounds like your life has been dominated by them recently, so I can imagine this list is pretty fool proof x

  9. Wedding planning can be completely stressful but it is so amazing when it all comes together.

  10. Saying wedding preparation can be stressful is a huge understatement. And I couldn't agree more on what you said, especially on number 4. It's the perfect imperfections that makes wedding so memorable.
    Jessica |

  11. Recently my friend got married, and she was frustrated with wedding planning. It is when you had to do billions of things and don’t know where you would be better to start. And what kind of wedding do you want? If you have those question too, I would recommend you to click the how to plan a wedding link and see those tips. It may help!


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