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Alternative ways to celebrate Valentines Day

I believe each day is just as special and just as not special having said that valentines day is around the corner and i know most like to celebrate in some way or the other. Valentines day has turned into a major celebration of sorts with couples booking luxurious holidays, hotel stays, fancy activities and dinners on top of luxe gifts for each other. Social media is now full swing into it with messages and events. Most of my friends have made exorbitant plans, also a couple who was complaining about their depleted bank situation and asking me how to get loans for bad credit this weekend. The hype does create pressure on those who do not have the budget or who do not really like to take it over the top. I believe one must do what gives them happiness if going all the way out does please do else i am suggesting in no order some alternative ways to celebrate valentines day

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  1. Go to the flower market and spend some time there with the loveliest creation of god. 
  2. Make each others favourite food together instead of going out for dinner.
  3. Pack some snacks and go on a long drive you can also stop at the villages on the way and learn a thing or two about country life.
  4. Wear your partners favourite colour or their favourite outfit on you.
  5. We all have those habits our partner complains about, try not to give them a chance to do so.
  6. If you want to gift, gift something absolutely personal and invaluable. It can be anything from two lines of poetry to a painting to a handmade card with a message written by you, etc 
  7. In todays busy life communication and quality time has become scarce so on valentines day make sure you sit down  and talk to each other about how you feel about yourself and also each other, if there is anything new or exciting you want to do alone or as a couple, your emotions, anything that is bothering you, etc, etc you can also go for a walk and do so. 
  8. Give each other a good body massage at home. Everyone loves massage!!!
  9. Picnics and potlucks with friends are also a good idea. You get to meet and chill with everyone plus have a lavish meal without spending anything.
  10. Sing or play on an instrument your partners favourite song or favourite new song.

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After the festivals valentines day is the most celebrated event. Fancy non fancy whatever you like just don’t let any external element dictate and keep it stressless and meaningful. 

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  1. This post is so lovely and I love all your alternative ways to celebrate! I truly believe it’s the little things in life that mean the most.

    Cyber Mermaids | Alternative beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog

  2. I couldn't agree more! A perfect valentines to me would be going on a hike with a picnic lunch with my hubs and our two pups! <3

  3. What a lovely post and what great ideas too to celebrate V-day!

  4. I wish we had a flower market locally, I bet it smells gorgeous. We always cook for each other on valentines as its so expensive to eat out

  5. Beautiful! :)

  6. I loooooove your blog babe! It is so amazing and unique! So happy that I found you here.

    Have a great weekend,
    Monique xx

    MOD - by Monique

  7. Great post with some really great ideas. We don't like spending too much money on Valentines day.

  8. Ahh I love all the ideas! Thank you so much lovely!

    xx Lisa |

  9. This is really lovely! What beautiful ideas. I definitely feel there are a certain set of 'rules' of what we should or shouldn't do on Valentines Day and I don't think that's neccesary at all! We are spending Valentines Day as a family, and having couple time at night. I want to shower my little ones with love on the day too!

  10. Some beautiful ideas here, I think the pot luck with friends sounds excellent, as everyone can join in the fun together. Mich x

  11. What beautiful photos, girlie, and I love the way you've belted that blazer! You've also shared some great ideas for celebrating Valentine's Day. I especially love the one on making time to interact face to face, which has like you've said and is unfortunately scarce. Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great week, beauty!



  12. Some really great ideas here, I'm spending Valentines Day having dinner with my friends but I love the idea of an alternative day. Especially the little details like wearing your partners favourite colour

  13. Me and my partner have never really bought into Valentines Day. We usually just exchange cards and have a nice meal that one of us has cooked. I love some of the ideas on your list, though. I might see if he fancies a massage this year ;)

    Louise x

  14. These are all great ideas. I’m single this year so away from the hype and commercialism of it all. I’ve never been too keen and going “all out” for Valentines Day. I would much rather have an extra special meal at home or a favourite take away and watch a film together.

  15. These are all great ways to celebrate, alas, my husband doesn't celebrate Valentine's Day, so as a result I don't get to either. :(

  16. These photos turned out so lovely! You did such a beautiful job, babe !

    xo Sheree

  17. This is such a lovely read. Love the idea of picnics with friends. Also, I absolutely love your photos here dear. The flowers are simply gorgeous. Really blog and IG-worhty background! ha!

    Jessica |

  18. Lovely pictures and great tips, thanks for sharing.

  19. These are great alternatives. Great article to read.

  20. Those photos are beautiful! I love the tips! H x


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