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The pressures of being a content creator

Content my most frequently used word but also a word i am slowly becoming not a fan of. Chichi what are you saying you are a content creator!! Yes i am, the pictures for my blog, instagram and brands, the posts i write and the captions i use, all content and i take it very seriously but it has made me into a zombie of looking at everything from the point of view of use and share sooner or later. 

A constant case of photo taking, capturing every moment even the minutest. Not just moments that are happening but creating moments for use. How does that sound? It was said you are not really experiencing the moment if you are trying to capture it through a lens, well this is not through the lens but for the lens. Although we are living in an age where anything not shot and shared with the world hasn’t really happened even the people who call themselves very private share when they travel to a new place or whatever that they find happening be it through pictures on instagram, Facebook and the likes or now stories. Imagine the pressure on a content creator, its tremendous to say the least. We get seriously disappointed if we haven’t taken good/ enough pictures of any experience. Our happiness potion depends not on the experience but with the content that we have created out of that. Every place i go to and every person i meet is looked from the point of view of content. If not for the blogpost, for instagram and if not for that maybe story, its out of hand. Sometimes i feel its a waste of money and time if i am not able to take enough share worthy or call instagram worthy pictures. And this is life i am talking about, everyday life

Lets take this day for e.g. pictures shot at beautiful Aubaine selfridges. Me and my lovely friend Zahra planned to have breakfast at Aubaine not because we love breakfast at aubaine but because it is extremely beautiful and photographs come as dreamy as they get. Nothing wrong till here, most girls think this way these days. Now we planned to reach a little early so we can find the place empty, perfect setting for photo ops. I was running 10 mins late for some reason i don’t remember now, i should confess that more than making Zahra wait i was worried about the place getting filled which translates to missed photo ops. Luckily for us it wasn’t as full and an instagram savy couple cleared a table so we could take the best shots, shots you see here. But man the stressful state i was in, fear that i might not be able to capture something as imagined. Well Zahra was pissed at me too, but not just because she had to wait for me but also infact more because our photo taking wouldn’t go as per plan. I find it sad that making my friend wait was less of a guilt. 

Holidays is taken to another level, at the mo i feel i haven’t had a holiday in like forever. Ok Chichi you have been to so many, we know. Well yes but i have been working on all, my mind has worked throughout finding the best spots and capturing each experience to the fullest on film. I haven’t even for a day zoomed out of the process, let alone relax and chill. What holidays are meant to be. 

We used to go to restaurants, order and eat our food. Now we go to restaurants and no matter how hungry we start by first taking pictures of our table or the restaurant. Then the food comes we have specifically asked it to bring it all together so we can take pictures, good pictures,  picture taking starts from every damn angle and then some boomerang and now for vlogs and stories some video. Its been 20 mins or more and the chips have become all soggy, the toast is no more crisp and the tea is cold. But we eat and drink without complain like its the most delicious meal ever because we have to make a video of how much we enjoy our food. 

If your companion to the restaurant or holiday or wherever happens to be a blogger you are still ok, but if its your boyfriend or husband or brother or sister or friend you have annoyed them to hell. Imagine on a holiday you are at a beautiful sunset point and all you do is take pictures or make videos of it and then ask your partner to do the same with you in those pictures and videos, the plight of the partner. Vaibhav told me 2 years back he doesn't want to go on holidays if its only obsessed with blog and social media. Totally get that!!

The case of our time is we want to see everything and we want to show everything, its FOMO too. 
At this point i feel i owe it to the people who follow me to keep it interested, entertained and inspired. They follow me for those things and i should feed them that and constant picture taking ensures i never run out. 

Having said everything i believe life is about memories and not everything can be content. Like the walks with my partner, the mad laughs with my sisters, maybe i can pick my phone and capture 15 seconds of it but i shouldnt and actually can’t capture all the seconds of those 2 or whatever hours. As a content creator / blogger finding the work life balance is extremely hard but extremely critical for our sanity. 
I started writing this post in Delhi and as luck would have it, finishing it in Benares- the spiritual capital of India.  The city that is older than history, older than tradition, even older than legend and looks double as old as all those combined.  A dream for a content creator and well i have reached for my phone for videos and pictures but capturing has not been my first and last and only emotion!! The bigger picture matters more than any frame, sealed in the land of mediation and liberation, Varanasi

Would love to know your thoughts, see you with my next.




  1. Being a content creator is a challenge for sure but when you get that aperfect shot it's great isn't it? I think you do great work babe, keep it up!


  2. That place looks stunning and dreamy!

    I can understand your point on this post, it's a very interesting topic to reflect upon!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


    Seize your Style

  3. First off, you are stunning! Second, it is so hard. The pressure of likes and engagement is just so much stress on top of normal life. I wish it wasn’t like this.

  4. It is so true that we often forget to enjoy experiences because we are too busy taking photos or being on our phones capturing our reality in that moment. Yet there is nothing better than going somewhere which you don't need to review and just reveling in the experience without technology. By the way let me know when you are back in London, we are going to have so much fun hun x

  5. How sad it is to "change" or adapt everything just to take some pictures? You to to a restaurant to spend good time, quality time with people, friends, lover but not to take your smartphone is trying to get the best picture ... and the same for a lot of other moments in life! It's very unfortunate that society ranked "image" very high in its value chain. I like pictures but I like real life more ;) And souvenirs ... they are first in my mind before they are in my laptop ;)

    anyway ... your outfit is beautiful as well as that place ;)

  6. Lovely pictures and I fill you on the struggle. I am constantly clicking away all day every day.

  7. I love this post and sympathise with it a lot. I try to always capture organic moments quickly but sometimes it can feel like you're putting life on hold!

  8. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Interesting to read.

  9. I can relate. I get really upset when I forget to snap photos in a restaurant before eating. Crazy pressures.

  10. Very well said ! It really is a thing, there have been times in the past that I feel a bit upset because I couldn't get any 'content' out of a trip/outing. I've slowly grown out of that mindset but it really is tough as a blogger not to feel like you have to capture every moment. I suppose with everything else in life, we just need balance. And I agree, the restaurant you took the pictures in is so beautiful! xx
    Coco Bella Blog

  11. I know what you mean about annoying your companion who isnt a blogger. Very often i will take photos of everything for my blog and my friends will often roll their eyes at me

  12. Wisteria is my favourite plant, I can feel a visit to Aubaine selfridges coming on. My friends put up with me now but don't get it

  13. I agree with this post so much. There are definitely challenges when it comes to producing content on a daily or weekly basis and it's so important to have a work-life balance. You're doing an amazing job though and I really enjoy reading your blog!

  14. Oh Chichi this is just what I was telling you in the afternoon today.
    Its like you have given words to my thoughts.
    Couldn't agree more.

  15. Wow beautiful post and photography!

  16. Your photography is gorgeous! Yes I definitely agree there are so many pressures when it comes to creating content regularly and to a high standard x

  17. Thanks so much for your post, and bringing some attention to this, when it comes to content creation it's important to have a good content and on a regular basis cause most of the success of any blog depends upon how effective content is written. By the way, I loved the photos and place.

  18. I have never thought of myself as a content creator before, But after reading this I realise I am. I also realised it isn't a great thing. I literally take thousands of photographs of everything. A four day city break recently ended up with over 1800 photo's on my camera. However, that also works as a benefit for me, as I have long term memory issues and I forget things very easily, so those photographs serve to remind me of the adventures I have had.

  19. Indeed, it's definitely a challenge. But hey, you're doing pretty well dear. By the way, love your booties!

    Jessica |

  20. Oh my gosh, I relate to this post so much. I’m forever trying to stop people eating until I’ve taken pics! I do feel a lot of the time I need to capture the moment on camera instead of enjoying it x

  21. I can definitely relate to this, it can be really touch being a content creator but also fun at the same time x

  22. You have very beautiful photos and interesting articles. Keep on doing this!

  23. Hi There,
    Lovely big bold images. You have touched many with your story. India looks lovely, wish I was there (in this cold).
    All the best on your journey.
    I hope I don't let photos take over my life too much. I love snapping. I tend to do things solo to avoid the conflict

    Chris from

  24. First off I love the red over the knee boots!Second, I am a "Content creator" too, I have a Youtube channel.You are SO right.I am always thinking of potential video ideas.I am sure i annoy friends with all my picture taking because i post photo sets to mySpace and Google Plus and occasionally on facebook. There is a pressure to create and document, when we are content creators with fans who expect it from us.


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