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What is the deal with sunglasses

What is the deal with sunglasses like seriously. People now wear them day in and day out. Recently Vaibhav was reading newspaper with sunglasses on, dark dark one, dad came and asked do they have power!!!! Literally, dude has his sunnies on like every minute of his awake time. I have to tell him to take his sunglasses off so i can see his eyes. What do you say to that? This post is his account of why he chooses to have them on all the fffffffffff time.

  1. They are liberating, heres why? They are a non permanent and easy way to look cool and uncool. Put them on you become cool and if you want to go back to your natural state of uncool, just take them off, ability to switch in a second, power!!! You are saying you are naturally uncool, lol! 
  2. They give you choice- With sunglasses on, though you see the world it is completely your choice whether you want to engage with it or no. 
  3. Sunglasses are a shield to your red hungover eyes.
  4. With sunglasses on you can stare at anyone without them knowing.
  5. They do tie a look together.

As for me, i only wear sunnies when it is impossible to see in the blinding sunlight on beach holidays. Wow!!!

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  1. I have to admit, I probably wear my sunglasses more than I should, but I love to wear them! x

  2. I wear tinted glasses a lot due to migraine. I can't step foot in a supermarket with low-level lighting without them otherwise I'm ill for the rest of the day.


  3. I love sunglasses haha but I don't wear them inside.

  4. ughh i love love sunglasses! they are such a cute accessory to add to any outfit! The bigger the shade the better lol.

    ~ xo Sheree
    Posh Classy Mom

  5. I never wear sunglasses at this time of year but I look forward to sunnier days when I can.

  6. Sunglasses just complete an outfit plus hide any under eye bags :p hahah
    Great post!

  7. I don't really wear sunglasses but that's only because I would have to buy prescription ones lol! I understand why people wear them lots though

  8. I guess sunglasses are now totally part of the look, more than a simple accessory!

  9. I know someone who wears sunglasses all of the time. He says it makes him look cool, but I secretly think he looks big headed LOL

  10. You're going to hate me then, I am an avid wearer of my beloved sunglasses. I have green eyes and find light can be horrible for them, even in Winter. I wear them a lot for driving, but I don't wear them inside. I certainly don't wear them for the look or to look a certain way.

  11. Lol people that keep them on even during awkward moments say the coolness shouldn't ever stop

  12. As for me, I love my sunglasses. It can be both a fashion statement and a functional accessory, protects my eyes during the day.

    Jessica |

  13. I save my sunglasses for when it is sunny. I think people look daft if its dark!!

  14. Great article. Vey good and nice it is vritten.
    Keep up the good work.


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