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Home remedies to get rid of cough in no time

Some days back i had a severe throat infection, my voice had completely changed, mornings were bad with a truck load of cough i had to spit out. Not one of those people who get bad throat and infections often not even once some years so i was clueless. I don’t reach out for medicines often so was following my home remedy but to my despair this one was not getting better. One of the nights i was just unable to get a grip on the cough, sleeping was not even a possibility super flustered i put up my cough situation on instagram stories asking my followers, you guys, for their home remedies. Omg within a few minutes all the lovely people started responding. I got up from my bed headed to the kitchen and made myself the easiest of the first few responses a methi chai. Fenugreek leaves boiled in water and drank a full cup. It stopped my coughing immediately so first i could sleep and second the next morning the cough that came out was substantially less. Even though i have thanked everyone on my instastories heres me thanking again, your mothers grand mothers rock, like literally!! And today i am sharing 10 remedies that were sent to me because lists are always a good idea.

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  1. Boil fenugreek leaves in water and sip on twice a day.
  2. Toast turmeric, mix it with honey and have a spoonful.
  3. Honey + ginger blend.
  4. Boil cumin seeds (jeera) and ginger in water and drink it.
  5. Saute some salt on a used iron pan ( tava for chapatis) take care to not burn it, now add some water and drink the mixture. it will be very salty but all the cough will come out. 
  6. Eat grapes and don’t drink water after it.
  7. Drink 1/4 cup mint juice mixed with 1/4 cup warm water thrice a day.
  8. Holy basil juice.
  9. Linden tea. 
  10. Boil black pepper in water add some jaggery and drink it.

I hope this list helps you to fight your cough and bad throat. Home remedies are the best. 

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Thank you for stopping by, see you with my next.




  1. Some great remedies there, thanks for sharing them. My go to remedies are definitely honey, lemon and ginger or turmeric tea. Glad you're feeling better.

  2. Some great remedies. I have a throat infection currently and salt water seems to be working a treat x

  3. I’m a fine one to get a throat infection, your homeopathic remedies are great and will pinch it just incase I have another throat infection.

  4. I’ve heard that chocolate can help to soothe a bad cough - at least that’s what I tell myself ;)

  5. These are some great remedies - I currently have a cough so will trying out a few of these!

  6. There is alot of cold and flu going around the UK at the moment and some of these suggestions sound like they'd do the trick! Honey and ginger is one I've tried before!

  7. Perfect post for me right now. We've been battling coughs for the last several weeks. darn winter months.

  8. I wrote a post similar to this last January when I was fighting a bad cold, but I don't think we have a single remedy that's the same! It just goes to show how many different things are out there that can help us. My ultimate go-to home remedy has to be vicks on my feet when I go up to bed, covered with a pair of socks. It just stops me coughing within minutes, which is brilliant as I can't stand coughing at night time. I'm convinced I'm keeping half the street awake!!

    Louise x

    1. OK, maybe that's not really a 'remedy'. Let's call it a hack! LOL


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