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A simple dewy makeup for diwali / party/ get togethers

Well, I am one of those girls who would literally spend just about 5 minutes on her makeup, not that I do not have time but I like to have a simpler what works for me makeup routine than trying out a zillion things. It is the Diwali and wedding season, we want to have that great looking skin but are usually short of time so I thought of sharing my simple makeup routine with you all, the routine is simple but the look is well worth any festival,  get-togethers or even a small party.

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Step 1. Moisturize and prime your face - I can’t stress enough how important these are, a well moisturized and primed face is the prerequisite for any makeup. Whenever I wear makeup I use Embryolisse lait creme concentrate as moisturizer and for primer, I use bare mineral prime time or NYX hd photogenic primer. The Embryolisse creme is one of my holy grails, blending is a piece of cake, helps with staying power and above all makes skin very supple and hydrated which shows in the makeup. 

Step 2. If your skin does not need much coverage I suggest skipping on the foundation. Here I used concealer to conceal my under eyes, even out the skin tone near my mouth and then whatever product was left on the makeup sponge I just patted it on my nose. I always use a sponge for concealer/ foundation and before I begin I spray smash box primer water on the sponge, this not only makes the sponge wettish which helps to spread the makeup but also helps with the staying power of the makeup. 

Step 3. Next, I put Ben Nye banana powder on all the areas I applied the concealer, and then just run the same brush all over the face. Gosh, this is the one product that has changed my makeup game completely. Keeps my makeup rocking for more than 12 hours and the finish is superb. 

Step 4. Blush it on. Soft pink or dusty pink look great. 

Step 5. Do your eyebrows, yes go on fill them! So much structure and character in just one step. I either use the Maybelline fiber brow precise or the NYX brow kit in dark brown or both. 

Step 6. Mascara, putting eyeliner and making sure they match is a task for most, so just do 2 quotes of mascara and tada!! I am wearing Loreal telescopic. 

Step 7. Of course a lippie, for Indian festivals and weddings shades of pink and red work best.

that's all but if you have time 

Step 8. Dab some highlight on the cheekbones and on the high points of your eyelid below the eyebrows. Here I used Mac soft and gentle. 

Step 9. Softly define the crease of your eyelid with a soft brown eyeshadow.

This is a very basic simple makeup routine that barely takes me about 5-7 mins max.

Hope this post is helpful, would love to know whats your simple yet fancy makeup look.

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Thank you for stopping by, see you with my next.




  1. Lovely post! I'm very much a minimal make up girl and find that almond oil massaged into my skin once week really helps my complexion.

    C x

  2. Very nice !

  3. You look fantastic! Love a quick and easy makeup routine - makes it so much easier when you've got a busy day or event ahead

  4. So beautiful!
    Have a nice evening!
    Gil Zetbase

  5. What a lovely look! I definitely agree with moisturiser and primer - essential steps for any look!

  6. You look amazing and some great tips, I don't wear makeup but feel I should start, especially around my eyes so this is perfect, thank you!

  7. Am a huge fan of wearing less make up... For me less is always more, and in fact I almost never use foundations! So this post, is right up my alley! Love it

  8. I always wish to stay without makeup ☺️

  9. Love this makeup look on you babe.


  10. This is such a nice step-by-step guide dear. Really informative. Thanks for sharing this tip!

    Jessica |

  11. Happy to see a look thats not OTT! Happy Diwali :)

  12. Some years ago, I was in India for vacation during diwali,I have wanted to repeat the experience ever since.


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