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When to spend on the service of a professional

I often think about the events or tasks that might be basic and day to day or even special and occasional but can be taken to another level to give a real wow feel if done with an extra bit of help aka with the service of a professional. You know those things that we know how to do and do not usually want to spend on! Lol!! Today i am sharing 3 things that would be well worth spending that extra buck on.

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  1. Professional cleaning- Alright we know how to dust and wash, might even have a maid to help but i am not talking about any random house help. I mean a professional who is well versed with domestic cleaning, works like a zen and leaves your house spic and span. I mean why not a professionally cleaned house stays clean longer and is much more hygienic. Whenever i have got my house cleaned by a professional i have had the wow factor living in for days that far surpasses the extra buck i spent.
  2. Wedding planning - It can be expensive and mostly people avoid the cost but weddings are full of stress, be it your own or a family members getting outside help only helps in letting one enjoy the special occasion. Should not be even said that a professionally planned wedding has a different shine and after all how many times one gets married so that extra cost is well worth. 
  3. Professional photographer-  Human beings are visual creatures and with the increased captivation of social media in our lives every moment seems like not lived if not captured in a photograph. Being a blogger with a social media following even more. Traditionally pictures were taken on special occasions like wedding, engagement, baby shower, birthday, anniversary, etc but now photo taking has become an unconscious activity, almost. For capturing moments and occasions we often use our phone but those random phone pictures more often than not get deleted after a few days as compared to a well composed well shot photo that can almost be a treasure and that is the reason I invested in a DSLR early on. Our DSLR works for my blog pictures as well as to take pictures of family functions and special occasions, having said that neither me nor anyone in my family is really professionally qualified. So we also lookout for economical and efficient photography services believing a well shot photo can almost be a treasure.                                                                                                      
In the direction of getting professional services i would love to introduce you to Bidvine. It is a one stop online shop for all your service needs, from learning yoga to plumbing to cooking lessons to wedding planning to photographer to anything. Making hiring the services of local professionals easy peasy. I found the site very user friendly, just have to select the service you want, put a few details about your requirement and your area pin code. You receive a confirmation email from Bidvine with the number of days it will take to get response/ bids from local professionals. Once you start receiving the bids, review them and choose the best one.  Done . Super simple. Through Bidvine its also become easy to get services done / gift services to family members. You are away and your parents sink is leaking, here comes Bidvine!!!! Gift a yoga class to your mom, etc,etc!!! 

when to spend on the service of a professional, lifestyle tips, bidvine, bidvine review, local professional service online, british blog, indian blog, indian lifestyle blog

when to spend on the service of a professional, lifestyle tips, bidvine, bidvine review, local professional service online, british blog, indian blog, indian lifestyle blog

Have you ever employed a professional for any of the services above? Is there a service you think we wont usually but deserves to be taken care by a professional, please share in the comments.

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Thank you for stopping by, see you with my next.



  1. Bidvine are great the cover a range of services which can come in very handy. I haven't used them myself but have heard of them.

  2. I've not heard of Bidvine before but it sounds so useful!

  3. I think it's worth splashing out on a decent cleaner too - they seem to get my house looking spotless!

  4. I really enjoyed using Bidvine a few months ago to find a personal trainer. It's a great way to find professionals!

  5. I definitely going to be using a professional when it comes to fitting a new bathroom in my new house :) x

  6. Professional cleaning once in a while is awesome! As for professional photography, some moments deserve the splurging I totally agree but personally since i like doing photography (certainly not a professional) I like to do so myself.

    By the way your pictures are AMAZINGGG! not just in this post but all across the blog :)

  7. I love being introduced to new things which is why I find Bidinve quite interesting. I will definitely check it out. Wonderful post.

    Kia |

  8. Professional make-up for special occasions. It really worth it :)

  9. Professional cleaning is totally worth it! I try to get my house done once a year by someone who can clean top to bottom!

  10. I agree that there are some instances where professional services are totally worth it!

    I hope you are having a great week so far!


  11. Never heard of it before...thanks for sharing the post

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. How cool is that! Love this darling! Thanks for sharing!
    Have a wonderful week!
    Much love, Len


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