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15 items you should never buy pre-owned

Everything runs in cycles, and the age of the pre-owned, rented and shared is back.  Millennials are opting to buy pre-owned watches instead of the latest models.  The new generations prefer to rent a tux rather than spend hundreds on a new one. And the first multi item rental shops are popping up.

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But there are some items you should never buy pre-owned whether that is for hygiene or safety purposes, here are a few!

  1. Baby Crib
Baby cribs have been an item that has endured many recalls over the years whether it’s due to the crib being painted with paint containing lead or due to the risk of strangulation of the child. In 2011, the Consumer Product Safety Commission also banned the sale of drop-side cribs after several children died. All up-to-date information on recalls can be found at the website. Check these before buying your child a NEW crib!
 2. Car Seats
Many people do not know it, but car seats actually have a “shelf life” meaning they should only be used for so long before they are disposed of. Buying previously owned car seats can also be dangerous as it’s not known if the car seat was previously compromised or damaged. If you must buy used car seats do it from someone you personally know and trust.

3. Fine Jewelry/Watches
If you can’t authenticate the realness of it with 100% assurance you are probably wasting money. Spending money on something that “looks” real can land you in a lot of trouble. Even used these prices are not “cheap” and it’s a lot of money. There are a lot of fakes out there that look 100% real. Unless you have paperwork to authenticate your purchase, or you buy from a site like Chronoexpert who verify every one of the watches on their site, consider steering clear of used luxury items.

 4. Baby Bottles
Buying used baby bottles allow any sort of previous viruses or bacteria from the previous child that used it to possibly get into your child’s mouth. Moreover, this can cause a serious illness to the child. Also, bottles sold before 2012 when BPA’s were found harmful and outlawed in the US may still contain them. New bottles are your best bet.

5. Mattresses
Mattresses may be one of the worst things you can buy used. When buying a used mattress then you are also buying all the owners previous bodily secretions and dead skin cells! While the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) can recommend signs to look for to find things like bed bugs no system of telling is foolproof. Point being your best bet is a new mattress.
6. Sheets/Pillows/Bedding
The same deal goes for sheets/pillows/bedding as did for mattresses. You are buying the previous owners bodily secretions and dead skin cells as well! It’s best to go new.

 7. Used Pet Beds

Just like it’s not recommended to buy humans used bedding the same goes for your pet. The previous animal that used that bed is now passing its dead skin, fur, viruses, etc onto your lovely pet. Buy Fido a new bed, too!
8. Make-Up
Unless you want all of the bacteria and germs from someone else’s face spread onto yours, make-up is best bought brand new. Any germs or bacteria the previous owner had are lurking in that makeup. You are putting it all over your mouth and eyes and all over your face so avoid pre-owned make-up.

 9. Hair/Makeup Brushes
If the person had a pink eye virus it may well be on their makeup brushes. If someone had lice it very well could be on their hairbrush. When it comes to brushes just buy new so you don’t risk getting what the previous owner may have had. You will spend more getting treatment than you saved.

10. Vacuum Cleaner
“But it’s still running just fine” Yeah! We’ve heard that argument before plenty of times. Chances are if the person is getting rid of the vacuum it’s not doing much vacuuming anymore. At that point, you are pushing a machine around your house just for a cardio workout. You’re not vacuuming much of anything. Plus, any bacteria, germs, or dust mites that got vacuumed up before will end up in your home! Check discount stores for better deals on new vacuums.

11. Shoes
It can be very tempting to buy second hand shoes at the charity of vintage store, but did you know that when you purchase someone’s used shoes you are also buying a shoe that conformed to someone else’s foot. That shoe is not likely to be very comfortable for you to wear unless you have the same foot shape. What are the chances of that? Slim to ZERO.

12. Worn Cookware
Buying slightly used heavy duty pots and pans are probably not harmful but buying well-used cookware with flaky surfaces and crusts on them may cause the chemicals in the coating on the pots or pans to leak into your food, and moreover, may contain potential carcinogens.

13. Small Appliances
These have become relatively inexpensive so buying new should be reasonable. You never know what will be wrong with a previous appliance you buy from someone else. The warranty has likely expired. If it breaks you will be out the money plus what you have to buy to replace it. Blenders, microwaves, toasters, just buy new.

14. Bike/Motorcycle Helmets
There is a very serious safety issue when it comes to helmets if it has been damaged or compromised then it will no longer protect you. See here for more info about how a bike helmet works.

15. Tires
Although the tire might pass the age old “penny test” it’s not a safe bet to buy used tires. If they were damaged like the sidewalls inside the tire you wouldn’t know it. If there’s a recall you won’t hear about it. Buy new tires.

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I hope this post is helpful, please share in the comments any other item that you think should not be bought preowned.
Thank you for stopping by! See you with my next.



  1. Such a helpful post! I don't like to buy anything second hand purely because of the reasons you've stated such as hygiene issues. But some of the things you've listed I wouldn't have thought about! Thanks for sharing! x


  2. Such a helpful list. I only ever buy furniture second hand. Even then I'm picky!

  3. Great tips. There are some things that one shouldn't compromise on no matter how frugal you may be.

  4. Great post and tips! Thanks fro sharing!

  5. Definitely couldn't agree more!! It makes me kind of squeamish thinking about getting one of these pre-owned! eek

    Enclothed Cognition

  6. Great tips! Thanks for posting this.

  7. El recogido es precioso!! Me ecnanta
    Un beso guapa! Silvia

  8. Thank you very much for linking up on FAncy Friday link up!

  9. I 100% agree with all of these, I don't know how people buy bras and underwear second hand. Yuck!
    Great post!

  10. Very helpful. I'm not sure why anyone would buy a used crib of all things.

  11. Couldnt agree more, especially on 3, 4, and 5. Better safe than sorry.

    Jessica |

  12. This is an interesting combination. The crunched velvet with lace. However, it looks great! Thank you for linking up to the Top of the World Style Linkup party.

  13. Nice post. I agree with the tips. Love the photos.

  14. There are certain things I don't mind buying pre-owned as it's an easy way to save money. The items on your list though are definitely things I would never buy pre-owned and this list is very helpful for others!

  15. I agree that you shouldn't buy makeup second hand. After all it is not very good for you if you buying something that already has someone else's germs on it! x

  16. I buy lots of things second hand but eww at the thought of second hand make up!

  17. Great post and reminder - I can't believe some people would actually buy second hand make up! Kaz x

  18. I buy a lot of 2nd hand items, but I have to agree with you, some items just aren't suitable to be sold 2nd hand like make-up or bike helmets...

  19. I agree that a lot of these items you just cant buy preowned. Especially baby items, it's not only unhygienic, it's dangerous! Saying that though, I have bought second hand bedding and shoes in the past. As long as they are 'like new' and the bedding is washed many times before use!

  20. I'm quite picky when it comes to pre-owned items, I think somethings you just need to buy new! xo


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