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Reasons to love London

Reasons to love London, well, I have wanted to write this post since forever!!! The recent terror attacks on the city and now the fire at Grenfell Tower, London is clearly going through a difficult time and i have so much pain in my heart because it truly is the greatest city in the world. No matter how busy, chaotic, polluted it gets and how silly the weather behaves, London is and will always be a magnet. And today i am sharing the reasons that make it this city like no other and why i love it.

  1. Multicultural - Diversity could be its second name as almost every country in the world has a representation in this city so you meet people from all over the world, in a way the whole world lives here, different languages constantly enter your ears at almost every turn. I hardly hear english on the streets of London!!! A melting pot that welcomes you with open arms. You might want to tell me that there are many multicultural cities in the world but what makes this grand old city stand out is that its own British culture is still very much kicking yet a new person does not feel like a stranger. History and tradition with diversity, now you agree!!!
  2. A very pretty city- Extremely pretty with so many surprises. Victorian houses, brick walls, grand boulevards, parks, the modern constructions of canary wharf, the thames river, neighborhoods to get lost in beauty, cutest streets. The changing seasons, please let me know if any other city does spring and autumn better! Undoubtedly the most instragammable city in the world. 
  3. The food scene- Thanks to the diversity you find every cuisine and every type of food here. Its like if a dish is being made somewhere in the world it is also being made in London. The swankiest michelin star restaurants, the delicious street food in the many food markets, the experimental food in quirky cafes or the classic afternoon tea (my fav) and not to forget  some great traditional British food as well, after indian food, i can live on fish and chips.
  4. You are right in the centre of the world- London literally divides the world into east and west. Takes about 7-8 hours to reach New Delhi and the same amount of time to reach New York. Just so much easier and quicker to go anywhere from London. Be it trips to any of the pretty places in europe or a day trip to the english countryside or a different continent there are great connections and multiple ways to reach anywhere and everywhere from London. 
  5. The architecture and the parks- Ok cities in the world have one or two beautiful historic and architectural buildings and they boast about it. And our London is filled till the brink with old architecture. No matter what part you go you have history and architecture for company. Its an enormous feeling. And what should i say about the parks, another one unmatched. Huge green spaces in the middle of the city. For e.g You walk 15 mins from one of the busiest streets in the world, the bond street, and you are in Hyde park and you just see greenery till the end of your sight. You go to hampstead heath and you feel like you are in the countryside.  No exaggeration.
  6. The kickass public transport- Most of London does not own a car because it is one city with excellent public transport. All parts are well connected and the services run from early morning till late. I have hardly ever waited more than 5 mins for the next tube so you can actually depend on the tube for your life. Only helps that one can pay using contact less debit/credit card and of course oyster cards. From a tourists point of view the ticket machines are right at the stations and very easy to use.  Not to forget the iconic red bus and the black cabs. The black cab guys are like moving london encyclopedia. Know it like the back of their hand. Very good to talk to as well, nice and chatty. A little furious with Uber, lol!
  7. Its always free to visit a museum- so you don’t have to rush to do it all in one visit. Museums are sources of knowledge for the people and hence they are free, the city maintains. Its actually so good, you are free to go as many times as you want and for as much time as you want. So for e.g i am in central London, i can just walk into V&A for 30 mins to absorb, will not really be the case if i have to pay.
  8. Made for the pedestrians- I love to walk and the city is made for it.
  9. London does not judge you- the freedom to be who you are without anyones influence and interference. Be it fashion or sexual orientation or religion or anything you can just be!
  10. Afternoon tea - Well i love my tea and the whole tea culture. If i have to choose, tea will be my favourite meal, if i may call, of the day. London does it best, should not be even said.
  11. Things like this in no order
    • Walks over the thames and along the southbank, even better at night.
    • the most famous royal family of the world lives here.
    • you love music you get it here- the rolling stones, the beatles, to the present generation adele, coldplay and one direction that have and are shaping the international music scene. That said you have great music scene always and you might just get lucky and  even get to attend a music concert for free.
    • street food in the park.
    • distinct neighbourhoods, compare shoreditch with chelsea or hackney wick with notting hill.
    • sports and games -  home to the biggest football clubs in the world, cricket- the lords, rugby, you can  take a dip in the swimming pool used by michael phelps in the 2012 olympics, and my favourite the wimbeldon-i find it charming.
    • It is possible to experience centuries old traditions. e.g The ceremony of keys at Tower London taking place since the 14th century.
    • Some fab street art.
    • Bar and pubs galore.
    • It looks beautiful even when its rainy and grey.
    • Its vast and full of surprises you can spend your lifetime and still not see it all.
    • There is always a plan, so you do not run out of things to do.
    • Sitting on a bench in a sunny regents park doing nothing and still not bored.
    • Harry porter and Sherlock Holmes become more real.
    • Kew gardens is a flower lover paradise.
    • Very pet friendly.
    • Its a champion at street style.
    • the notting hill carnival.
    • this list is endless and i will keep on adding to it.

Outfit- Jeans- Zara,  Shirt- Miway,  Mules- ASOS, Earrings- H&M, Watch- Timex

I was flying to London from Athens on June 7th. We reached heathrow and after a few mins the captain announced to disembark. 2 mins later another announcement ‘everyone just sit wherever you can find a seat, we need to get a few security checks done’ ok everyone is a bit confused, people sit wherever they can and after a minute 2 huge policemen wearing bomb diffusers and stuff enter the flight, people in shock, i am scared as hell as they walk past me, they go straight to this guy sitting in one of the back seats and take him out of the flight. After they leave all passengers are relieved and thank god the flight dint blow away or something. The guy they took had infact checked in just before me, the security person at the boarding gate in Athens asked him for visa and he showed some card, then he asked him what does he do? replied i am a driver followed by some weird reaction to which the security person responded by asking what driver, Formula 1 and he said yes. I still wonder was the guy really something or was he just arrested for being weird. This was my first experience with anything close to terror and had put me in not such a good mood. Anyways I get out of the airport and reach Mayfair, there is a demonstration people shouting ‘ I am a threat.’  It was the day before the elections and the city was feeling a little heavy,  me and my brother decided to call delivery and stay in. I was still a little out of sorts but the next day, the election day, i decided to walk on the streets before catching train to my sisters. With every step i am feeling better, London is coming back, my London mood is back. So it is really such a city, so resilient, puts you back on track in no time.  

As you guys know i love to travel, while visiting new places and absorbing them gives me a high being in London gives me comfort. I very well remember and some of you might find it strange, even on my first flight to the city as a tourist i had the feeling that i was going home. London matches my frequency and captures my imagination and nothing more needs to be said.

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Do you love London? Please share your experience.

Thank you for stopping by, see you with my next.



  1. Oh, London is so beautiful and there's a million and one things to do just as you've listed. Great post.

  2. Lovely post and gorgeous outfit! I really love the jeans.

    Gemma x

  3. Love the jeans and your sandals - gorgeous. Both my sons work on the Thames Clipper boat service on The Thames, so I periodically travel with them to London, it really is a stunning city. Stay strong, we won't be beaten. xxx Jacqui

  4. I love London! I went there many years ago and fell in love with it. Maybe one day I'll be able to go back. I love your jeans and the pearl detailing!

  5. Beautiful photos, and love your outfit! I do love London but I havent been for a good few years!

  6. Super cute photos! I live in South London and have fallen in love with this city.

  7. Great points! You've got some incredible photos too!

  8. Right now with everything happening I think you have highlighted some amazing reasons as to why we should love London! Thank you for this very positive outlook and for this gorgeous outfit!


  9. I have always been fascinated by London's architecture. Your post added so much more things to love about London. Great summary and great pictures!

  10. I love the architecture and history of London. I don't always enjoy it when it is so busy but i love that you can get from one side of London to the other on public transport in about an hour!

  11. So lovely to read such a positive post about the joys of London. I had never associated London with afternoon tea before but I like that!

  12. I just got back from the UK. Not London though. I love England and I enjoyed your post very much!

  13. Love your list, I also think London is the best city in the world.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. I love the spot you have taken your photos, its one of my favourite angles in London. I actually went for a great instagram meet up there with hundreds of amazing photographers. Some of the shots were astounding.

  16. Lovely post. What a scary experience you had on the plane though! I love London, I remember going there on the train when I was little for days out sightseeing with my Dad and since then I have always found it such an exciting place. I had the opportunity to move there once but life took me to the countryside instead, but I still love to visit when I can.

  17. I always loved London. It has a nice vibe. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style party!

  18. I loved nipping into london when i lived near. I have moved away now and do miss it. It has some beautiful places to visit and always loads going on. Some great little places to eat to and the sun definitely shines more there

  19. Oh I do love London and feel lucky that I live less than two hours away from it on the train, meaning I can pop in for day trips each month - such an amazing, diverse and colourful city

    Laura x

  20. I've always said that I prefer Paris to London, but after a few trips there recently I've grown to love it more and more. It is a very cool and unique city, I just wish I didn't have to sit on a train for 2-3 hours to get there! Thanks for linking up to Style With a Smile :-)

  21. There is so much to this post! Your pics are beautiful, I love the fun details in your outfit, your hair is gorgeous and of course I think a trip to London would be fabulous. Some day! ;) Thank you for linking up with the Thursday Moda.

  22. London is an amazing city, one of the world's finest

  23. I already loved London and I really want to go back and visit again:) The pictures you made look stunning!!
    xoxo Annaleid

  24. Love it!!!!!!!!! Amazing photos!!
    Check my blog and my new post*
    xx, A Be-atriz

  25. Great photos! all of the reasons are fabulous especially afternoon tea! your photos are amazing!

  26. I love the pearls on your jeans! They are so cool!
    I am heading to London for fashion week in September - so I am going to save your post to refer to!
    Set to Glow

  27. London is beautiful! Can't wait to go there xx



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