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The best day trip from London

You have seen the city enough or maybe you haven’t seen it all but you need to see something else, something fresh to entice your senses, fortunately London has many day trip options. I was deciding on the best day trip from London and after much thought and let me tell you it was not easy,  i chose Brighton. Close contenders Cambridge, Oxford, The Cotswolds

Brighton won for 3 reasons 1. Vitamin sea 2. The architecture of The Royal Pavilion 3. A complete package for a day.

The main attraction of the city is obviously the beach, the minty sea with the pebble beach is beautiful and there is literally nothing like lying on a beach chair the whole day under the sun at just 1 hour from busy city London. The Brighon pier at the beach is twinkling and inviting, just gives the happy summery feels. You can also indulge in some trampoline and water sports like kayaking and surfing at the beach. 

The Royal pavilion comes on the way to the beach from the train station. What a majestic  and unique piece of architecture in England. If no one tells you, you would say it belongs to somewhere in India, built in Indo Saracenic style prevalent in India in 19th century. The pavilion gardens is great to sit, relax and chat. The best pictures and less touristy shots of the Royal pavilion also called the Brighton Pavilion are possible from the outer part.

Brighton also has some great shopping, small shops, boutiques and high street. 
With the sea comes the yummy sea food and let me tell you the portions are quite big in Brighton as compared to London. I had a kids portion of fish and chips and it was just as big as a full portion in London. 

If you go in the summer you will find streets full of seasonal shops, restaurant sittings spilling onto the streets, music performances and many other activities. Definitely suggest checking in advance about the activities before you go. Also i would suggest to avoid the weekends if you can as half of London comes to Brighton, well not literally but u get what i am trying to say!

At under 1 hour from London Bridge station Brighton also famous for its LGBT community is bursting with attractions. From shopping to museums to beach to architecture to food to adventure there is something for everyone and deserves the title of the best day trip from london. 

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  1. Brighton is my favourite city in the UK and I'd actually swap living in London for living there in a heartbeat! You've taken some beautiful photos and it's made me want to book another day trip soon! ♥

  2. Brighton is just such a fun and vibrant place, it isn't surprising that is so many peoples favourite place to just get away from it all.

  3. I was just in Brighton last weekend! Looked a lot less busy when you went. It was the london to Brighton bike race when I went. Big mistake going at that time it was so busy lol. I do love Brighton though x

    Amanda |

  4. I haver to say I totally agree - I love Brighton and it's such a fantastic option for a day trip out of London and getting to the coast but still having that creative vibe to it

    Laura x

  5. Wow! Brighton looks amazing and so much fun. Never been before but it is definitely somewhere I would like to go.

  6. I love Brighton, so much to see and do there.

  7. Absolutely love Brighton it's so accessible from London and such a fun place. Lovely photos!

  8. I really love your pictures. Brighton is so high on my UK bucket list, and you've made me want to go even more now

  9. I've never visited Brighton actually, but it sounds amazing! And your photos show just how beautiful it is too!

  10. Your photos are incredible and had me wishing I were in London right now!!

    Jessica |

  11. Great photos. Thanks for sharing them with us! Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style.

  12. I love Brighton it is one of my favourite places in the whole world, I love the pier and the history behind it. So glad that you had a good time, let me know when you are free in London again x

  13. I've never been to Brighton, but it looks like a fun place to visit. Your pictures are amazing! Absolutely love the Royal Pavilion. It really looks like somewhere in India.

  14. I absolutely love Brighton, I love the atmosphere and cute little shops you find in the Lanes.


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