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6 important factors to consider before packing for any travel

Travelling can be quite stressful specially to a new place. One of the top stress points is what to pack, even though i travel quite frequently it still catches me so i decided to come up with a checklist, from my travel experiences, of the factors to consider before starting on the packing part and i am sharing the tips here with you today.

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  1. First and foremost, the weather forecast for the place you are traveling to, i mean of course, when we decide on where to travel we have an idea of the kind of weather typical to a place for a certain time e.g In wales all year round the winds are sooooo strong, you can make out from the picture above, its absolutely essential to carry a wind cheater kind of jacket, but lets face it in todays time weather has a mind of its own, consider Delhi, it starts to rain anytime now even in April.  So to not have disappointments and so you have an equipped and practical suitcase do a real factual weather forecast check on BBC weather or accuweather.
  2. The activities you plan to do- Everyone has a different idea and purpose of travel. Some travel for adventure, some for party, some to relax, some to explore, some to eat, etc etc. Now before you start your packing you decide whats yours, it can also be a combination of things and what you pack has to be according to the activities you plan to do. For e.g i don’t party even when i was in Mykonos- the party place, we dint go out partying so a party dress was useless in my suitcase. If you know you will be walking a lot to explore, keep flats and sneakers. If you are going to eat a lot, i always do, better pack roomy clothes, lol!!! and so on.
  3. The vibe of the place- Now every place has a certain vibe and mood. A good way to check how that translates to outfits is checking the street style of the place on Pinterest or relevant hashtags for the place on instagram. Lets consider Paris, check the # parisian/ parisstreetstyle and the likes on instagram or search on pinterest to understand the kind of outfits that go well with the mood of the city. Also recommend checking famous bloggers from the place for inspiration. I strongly suggest that you stick to your own style wherever you go but its just a few things that we can select or not select from our own style that will be fashion appropriate for the place we are headed. 
  4. Consider what you will love to buy or what you can buy when there- Shopping is part of travel too and if you already know you will be buying something specific you don’t have to bring a similar item with you. Also what you can buy so don’t have to bother packing. Number 1 item in my list is a hat. I have read so many blogger posts talking about bringing a hat if you are going someplace warm but trust me do not. I have been doing this mistake and after my Greece trip i have resolved to never take a hat. Too much work to pack it well and even carry if you plan to wear it to the airport so you don’t have to pack. You always get great options to buy hats in 99/100 of all the warm places. Really great options and at good price. 
  5. Pack pieces that are versatile i.e easy to wear in a number of ways and work for different occasions from formal to casual. Like a white shirt that you can wear as a cover up to the beach and also for drinks in the evening.
  6. Last but not the least pack only the pieces you really love and wear and not pieces you hope to love and wear. 
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Would love to know if you have other factors i can add to the list, thank you for stopping by, see you with my next. 




  1. As always nice post hun! :)

  2. What a great post especially before I pack for my holiday on Sunday. I never bring the right items so this will help me massively x

  3. Thanks! Needed this just today!


  4. I am terrible for packing too many clothes when I go away, but I'm getting better slowly. It helps if I make a list of what I actually need to bring with me :)

  5. As a large family I am a bit of a ninja packer and will only pack just what we need. I always check the weather before we go

  6. Love this post! - I'm a nightmare and always pack way more than I need aha xx

  7. This is such a great packing list. I'm terrible at packing far too many clothes that always come home unworn.

  8. Good tips! I am always travelling and it really shows me what the most valuable pieces are in my closet since I always tend to gravitate towards the same pieces that I truly love. I just bought a great sunhat that I want to take to Italy later this month and I'm crossing my fingers that it makes it!

  9. I'm going on holiday next month and this post was actually useful! Thanks :)

  10. Great tips, I always tend to over pack just in case!

  11. Great post, I travel a lot so I spend a lot of time stressing over that to pack. Weather is always a massive factor. I'm heading to a music festival next week in Spain so I'm packing very carefully for camping right now! xo


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