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Benefits of learning a language

Learning anything just for the hell of it doesn't sound like a lot of fun for a lot of us. But maybe languages can be the exception to that? Because learning a language isn't just about learning a load of new words and how to put them together, it's about finding out more about other cultures and ways of living as well. Here are some benefits of learning a language that you might not have thought about.

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Just the fact that you've taken the time to learn a second language can be an amazing career boost. Think about it; if you learn a language you are dedicating time to improving yourself, great at organising, able to take on new ideas, and clearly are a multitasker. According to Benny from, a second language on your CV opens doors; even if the job you go for doesn't actually need you to speak that second language!


If you can organise your work, social life, spending time with your family, and all the other stuff you do in your life at the same time as learning a new language, people will be envious of your organisation skills. And it's good for your mind; it's basically like giving your brain a good workout. If nothing else, learning a second language is going to do amazing things for memory!


Going on holiday? How much better is it going to be if you're going somewhere you can speak your second language in? Imagine browsing through websites like, and next thing you know, you’re sitting in a cafe in Paris ordering coffee and croissants in French instead of having to say it in English? The whole experience will be better just for speaking French. You'll be able to find your way around easier, read signs in shops or on posters without having to translate anything, and get to see the real, actual France. Why wouldn't you want that?


Ever browsed Netflix and thought about how many films or shows you might be missing out on because they're in other languages? Learning a second language helps with that too! Even if you start out with English subtitles. Imagine how many series there are just waiting for you to binge watch? And it's the same for online. How many Instagrams do you follow where you just look at the images and don't read what they say because it's in another language?


When we get to see the world only through our press and media, it's pretty one-sided. Imagine getting a better idea of what is really happening by reading the views from a newspaper or watching news in another language? “Learning a new language makes us think more about others anyway because we get to see how other people live” says in their latest Instagram post. But the opportunity to see more than our side of a story is a huge benefit of language learning because we get to think outside of just what we know. Plus, the more languages you speak the more people you get to speak to. How many friends are there out in the world waiting to get to know you!

 Hope this post was helpful.



  1. This is one regret I have, never taking languages seriously when I was at school, I ca get by but would love to be fluent

  2. I support you 100% here! I speak only 4, but I wish I learned another one and had a chance to practise it! Every language opens endless possibilities, right?

  3. I got to try the French podcast. I speak English and Spanish, and my Spanish has helped me in several countries but for my coming trip to Paris in March, I can learn one or two things!

  4. And all of us, always have a room for improvement. Learning other languages is hard but it might help you in the future. Who knows if you had to live in Japan someday. ��

  5. I've tried... I really wish I could learn a language but I am terrible and pronouncing words. Even English ones. My husband is pretty much fluent in French and he always takes the mic out of me!

  6. I love learning languages. Beside my native language of English, I can speak Japanese fluently. I can also speak Spanish somewhat and understand somewhat and pronounicate Latin, French, German, and Italian.

  7. I couldn't agree more, I studied Spanish 20 years ago when I had no imagination of how far it will get me in work and life some day

  8. I wish I would have learned another language, I live in South Texas and am at a disadvantage for never learning another language.

  9. I studied spanish in high school and college, however it was never enough to begin speaking fluently. I love to see how many people know more than one language. I wish it was something I kept learning beyond what I needed to get my credits in for school. -Jessica Martin

  10. I wish I could learn a new language. That would be so cool! My kids are interested din learning French and Spanish.

  11. I love learning a new language when I am about to travel to a place. It is a lot harder than people think but it is so rewarding when you are able to communicate more effectively.

  12. I would love to learn new languages like French or Spanish. It would be cool and entertaining too.

  13. It's tough to learn any language, but the benefits of being bilingual are a strong pull even for the most cowardly of us all

  14. Language learning improves cognitive efficiency, helps in building new friendships, expands employment opportunities, enhances personality and can even help you impress your friends.

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