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Kerala travel, 15 facts to know

Hey everyone

Kerala the southernmost state in India has many names, they call it gods own country and rightfully so, lush green and pristine! they also call it the land of coconuts, the fruit that is an integral part of the culture and economy of the state and I would have just scratched its surface on my trip in Mid Jan but it was definitely a snapshot of the vibe and has left me wanting to go back!!! 

Today i have put 15 facts or things to do/ expect from the state

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  1. Culture is a great part in a travel experience and this state gives you loads, the people, the food, the dance all spectacular. We enetered Kerala and i was instantly in love to see the people wearing their traditional clothes women in the white cotton sari with thin Zari border and men wearing mundu, read here for full explanation.
  2. You see a lot of coconut, streets lined with coconut trees, coconut plantations, just about everywhere! All meals are prepared in coconut oil and its just used in about everything, beauty, massages, medicine, even the husk is used for cleaning. Nothing of this fruit goes to waste in Kerala.
  3. The western ghats one of the worlds top 10 hottest biodiversity hotspots run through Kerala.
  4. You get to drink a very special red water made from the fruit of a tree called ‘Pathimugam’ great for detox and loosing weight, you can also buy the dried version of the fruit and bring it with you. I drank it throughout and it tasted almost like water.
  5. Its a rice eating state and you see fields and fields of rice cultivation. Making a very pretty picture too! All the breads, if i can call them a bread, Appam, Dosa, Idli, Puttu, etc are made from rice flour. 
  6. The world famous Kerala backwaters are a must do, you can have the best experience in Alleppey. Whether you choose to rent a houseboat or stay in a backwater village, etc all guarantee a great experience. In the rainy season the snake boat festival is very famous and that is when i hopefully plan to go this year.
  7. Eat - the payasam a sweet dish made from coconut milk, sugar and rice, they also do a jaggery version now. The Kerala fish fry- marinated fish steamed with fried masala in banana leaf. Puttu- a typical breakfast dish served with black gram curry. Appam with Avial- mixed vegetable in kerala spices, almost dry. 
  8. Indulge in the world famous Kerala ayurvedic massage’s, i got 3 done during my stay, read  my full experience here and they were very relaxing to say the least.
  9. Buy coffee and spices that brought invaders to India. Banana chips and fried masala packets. Kerala saree is a great buy too, you will see many multi level saree shops selling all kinds of sarees. 
  10. Wear cotton and light fabrics to be comfortable in the tropical climate.
  11. Road drives are scenic and comfortable.
  12. Enjoy an evening of Kathakali, the traditional dance of kerala, usually organized as a to do activity by most hotels, but do confirm.
  13. Instagram lovers be happy kerala is full of instagram worthy spots, you can easily get pictures in a paddy field, in a coconut plantation, a road lined by coconut trees, in a spice garden, with the western ghats and if you do the backwaters in a houseboat, or the traditional kerala snake boat. 
  14. Wearing the kerala traditional clothes can be a good experience.
  15. Visit a temple, the architecture is nothing like what you see in North India.

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Have you been to Kerala? Are you planning a trip? Hope this post is helpful at some point!

Thank you for stopping by! See you with my next one.



  1. Kerala looks and sounds like a lovely place! These photos are so so gorgeous and so much fun with 15 facts too. If they use everything of the coconut for about everything, I'm sure I'd enjoy my time there! Have a lovely week! Xx

  2. I hope I can go one day, I drea, of going to India since I was 13! And Kerala sounds marvellous, co beautiful! I would love to try the red water drink, that helps losing weight :) And coconut has many uses, so I can understand why nothing is wasted! Amazing views! Hope you have a nice week!

    1. Kerala is awesome. Last month had a 10-day holiday with my family and loved it.

  3. The scenery and your pictures are gorgeous. I hope one day to go over there!

  4. thank you for this post! I would love to visit one day!

  5. Such wonderful impressions my dear! amazing photos and such a special place! A big hug my dear!

  6. Just WOW, some seriously incredible photography! It looks incredible, I could only dream of visiting some day.

    Nicole Xx

  7. The views are just absolutely stunning and you are right about it being an instagram worthy place x

  8. I feel in love with India after my mum visited, she got a real look at India whilst she stayed with friends out there. Such a beautiful country that I hope to visit myself some day x

  9. Wow these are some gorgeous photos. I've always wanted to travel in the south of India. That fish fry sounds delicious!

    xx Yasmin

  10. It looks so beautiful. Thanks for the tips. I hope to visit one day :)

  11. I love rice flour so would love to try all of the rice based foods! Wonderful photography ♥

  12. It is 100% instagram worthy, your photos are amazing!!

    Dena | Dena Jayne | Bloglovin xo

  13. A great discovery!!! Thanks for sharing ;)

  14. Such lovely write up of Kerala. Can't agree with you more on its quite different from the rest of India and your pics are awesome !

    Here is a perspective from a Keralite.

  15. Stunning destination, thanks for posting! Jacqui

  16. Your pictures are beyond stunning! You've just managed to add ANOTHER place to my bucket list!


  17. This looks amazing, fantastic pictures! I love the sound of the steamed fish dish :)

  18. These photos are beautiful!

    xx, Elise

  19. Your tips and beautiful photographs are a great insight into what it would be like to visit this part of India

  20. Stunning photography! It looks beautiful.

  21. It is such a stunning part of the world, love your photographs, so evocative.

  22. Fabulous pics and I like the way you've shown these photos. Something different in style! I like the way you've share it with us! Thanks a lot..


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