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Some facts to know before travelling to China

Hey everyone!

Understanding languages and cultures builds bridges and through it we see the similarities before differences, i read this somewhere and couldn’t agree more! 

To learn about cultures my first recommendation will definitely be India and after having seen it at quite a satisfactory length i am excited about quite a few other countries, the top 4  being Japan, Mexico, China and Israel. I really hope i will be able to visit all 4 within this year and next, to start with i have done some research on China and here are a few facts i found out:

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  1. Visa- Totally depends on the home country. For most its just a day affair, give your passport in the morning and get it by day end. Make sure you get a multi entry visa to mainland china just incase you also plan to go to Hong Kong.
  2. Time Zones- Its such a huge country but there is only one time zone for the whole of China.
  3. Water- Tap water is not safe to drink so make sure you drink from sealed water bottle.
  4. Language can be a problem so its better to bring a language translate guide book or figure out an app or site that can translate and works in china because not all sites work there.
  5. Toilet paper- The toilets usually do not have toilet paper so its better to bring yours.
  6. Currency- Be very careful of counterfeit notes.
  7. Majority of shops and restaurants only accept payment in cash so make sure you have physical cash.
  8. Be ready to get surprised with the chinese food as it only slightly resembles the chinese food we are used to eat.
  9. Beijing is great to see old traditions, Shanghai for modern china, Yunan province for nature lovers and of course the great wall of china.
  10. You don’t have to tip in China.
  11. Bring hand soap and sanitizer.
  12. Most of your social media like Instagram, Facebook etc are not legally allowed for use by the government. To access them you need to get a VPN
  13. Its better to write down the name of your hotel or destination in chinese to show to the taxi driver as language is a big problem.
  14. Its better to make a full travel itinerary or go for guided tours specially if you are travelling solo or travelling for the first time. I recently came across The China Travel Company that can handle your travel arrangements and advise you everything you need to know.
  15. Shopping is very cheap so be careful as you might get carried away and make your luggage much heavier than the permitted limit by the airline. 

A cousin went to China a few years ago and some of the points above are from his personal experience. I really hope these few facts are helpful. Thank you for stopping by! See you in my next one.



  1. Nice post dear :)

  2. I have a friend who lived in China for 13 years and she said she was never so happy in her life, so, wow, it s a must to visit China, I guess! I liked the tips very much, especially about sanitizer and toilet paper. I hope you can go to the places you wish, soon! Wishing you a great day!

  3. I had no idea about so many of these facts! I had no idea about the toilet paper nor about the time zones. Can definitely imagine that chinese food is far from our idea of it haha. Anyways, thank you love for sharing - will surely keep these in mind! Xx

  4. If I ever visit I will definitely remember rule number five LOL. Great post lady and that photo is gorgeous!

    Dakota D.
    Instagram/Snapchat/Twitter: @missdsquared413

  5. One of these years, one of these years....

  6. China looks and sounds amazing, I just can't see it ever being on the cards for me

  7. Visiting China would be so amazing. I wouldn't know where to start with visa and I never knew they didn't have toilet paper!

  8. I've never been to China. I have heard that proper Chinese food over there is nothing like the Chinese food you get over here x

  9. I've always wanted to go, love these tips they are so helpful xoxo

  10. Visiting China one day is definitely on my bucket list. Thanks for sharing this info!

  11. A friend of mine moved to China 2 years ago to teach and she absolutely loves it out there x

  12. Agree with all these, I was so surprised not to have facebook or toilet paper haha, but after few days we used to it. ( and blocked their toilet with napkins lol)


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