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What to keep in your bag for festivals/ big events/ prom or going out

Hey Everyone!

Festivals are here and that means get togethers, parties, night outs and a lot of fun. With all the good mood around we sometimes forget on essentials, like what to keep in your bag before heading out for celebrations, 
First and foremost Never leave your house without a small clutch or bag, a lot of things can happen and its better to have a few essentials with u in your bag.

1. Perfume and/or Deodorant

Even if the venue is air conditioned, you will be around a number of people and this would definitely make you feel warm or even sweaty while you're dancing for several hours. Body odor is definitely embarrassing, but you can prevent that from happening by simply bringing a trial-size deodorant or perfume with you.

Also, don't forget to pick a deodorant that's invisible, because it can also be humiliating if there are some remnants of it on your dress.

2. Makeup
For special occasions like festivals, weddings or prom we try to look our best, either we go to a saloon or spend several hours at home to ensure that our makeup is perfect-- so to make sure ur makeup stays perfect all night bring a small makeup kit with powder, lipstick, mascara for touch up.
In case you are going to a wedding or prom u might also get emotional and end up crying so do remember to wear water proof mascara. check out these  touch up makeup tips worth trying.

3. Sewing Kit
Yes, you read it right. You should bring a tiny sewing kit with you, because anything could happen to the dress you're wearing. No matter how careful you are, there's always the possibility that someone would step on your lovely dress and accidentally rip it up. You don't want this to ruin your night, don't you? So, to prevent that from happening, better bring a small-sized sewing kit that would let you do an emergency dress repair.
If you are buying Indian outfits make sure u get from a dependable shop/ boutique or if u r getting it stitched double check to ensure its proper and incase you are buying dresses like  evening dresses/ gowns or prom dresses u can 
 visit Prom Dress Shop in Chicago a specialized one is always better also check this small video to look ur best

How Not to Look Like a Hot Mess on Prom from Prom Dress Shop on Vimeo.

4. Mints or Gums
Worried about your breath? Are you thinking that this might prevent you from socializing with others? Stay confident by having a gum or mints with you. Just pop a piece or two in your mouth and you don't have to worry about talking loudly, or close to your friends or date. Mints work best if you'll have them in your mouth after eating or having a drink.

5. Shoe Glue
Yes there are chances of your shoe falling apart, it has happened to me as well as my friends many many times so keep a shoe glue and incase ur shoe breaks, glue and give it sometime, maybe walk in the bathroom to ensure that the shoe will not break again before heading out into the crowd.

6. Hair Essentials
If you'll be dancing the whole night, then your hair may not be as glamorous as it was when you first arrived at the venue. Don't worry, you can easily fix it up by bringing a small bottle of hair spray, small comb, some elastics, and bobby pins.

7. Medication
In case you have some sensitivities to music or food or anything bring your prescribed medicines. Also a basic one since you are going to be excited, nervous, anxious, happy and thrilled, basically too many emotions which can give you headache’s, and you wouldn’t want that to ruin your night so when you start feeling sick, just take a pill and you don't have to worry about leaving the event early.

8. Band Aid
This i never leave home without, blisters are way to disturbing and could actually spoil ur night so unless ur shoes are completely lived in don’t forget to bring bandaid.

9. Money and Your Phone
Last, but definitely not the least would be to ensure that you've brought your card or enough cash with you. Also, don't forget the most important item of todays times the mobile phone.

Jeans- Topshop, Heels- Quiz clothing, Top- Asos( similar), Bag- Dune (similar), Bracelet- the peach box

This outfit is from sometime back that i had forgotten to share and because of the experience i had with my blouse that day, i thought of sharing it today. The sleeve got stuck with a thorny plant and got ripped, luckily i had  needle and thread in my bag and could sew it in few mins. 

So yes agreed no matter how hard you plan, it's impossible to control or anticipate what could probably happen at big events. All you can do is prepare yourself, and bring the things that you might need. Do share any other item that you think can be added to the list.

Thank you for stopping by! See you in my next one.



  1. I love the pom pom detail on your sleeves!

  2. I love this all white look and those cute little poms on that blouse's sleeves. If I could add anything to the list, it would be a stain remover pen. I'm super clumsy and have had one too many accidents :/

  3. Great tips! Also, I'm in love with your shoes :D

  4. I just love your outfit and those shoes are amazing. And great tips.

    March and May

  5. Really good tips, but I adore your outfit, those sleeves are amazing x

    VanessaVonJames | Fashion Blog

  6. Love your top hun and these are great tips too and I am glad you fixed your top ;)

  7. So many great tips, bringing some makeup is key for touching it up! And love this look of yours, the sleeves are adorable! Xx

  8. Great earrings! Very lovely for this time of year :)

    These Tiny Stories

  9. Love you outfit truly and your hair is just so gorgeous! Loved all your tips <3

  10. I try to keep a sewing kit in my car for those just in case moments! Great tips!

  11. Great tips - I had never thought of keeping a sewing kit in my bag but I will now!
    I love that top - the sleeves are gorgeous (so lucky you were ably to repair it!)
    Julia x

  12. Great tips. I didn't think about shoe glue, ahaha and I've had my shoe misbehaving that one time. You look so pretty in that bell sleeve blouse. Love the pom pom detailing :D xx

    Shanaz | Fashionista NOW

  13. Visiting from Style Swap your outfit! I love the details on your sleeves and the white on white combo :)

    Sarah Bell

  14. Great tips and I love that top, cute pom pom sleeves.
    Rachel xo

  15. Those are some handy items to keep in your bag for sure.
    I am not sure about the sewing kit though. I could hardly sew my buttons :D
    Love the cute pom pom top!
    Richa | Fancier's World

  16. This is great! I have a minimergency kit in my bag that includes many of these items


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