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Common Skin Tightening Questions Answered

Hey everyone! Who doesn't want healthy and youthful skin forever, i sure do. But all the stress of modern life and pollution takes a toll on our skin and makes it age sooner than it should. After 25 i became conscious of the word age and decided to take proactive steps to keep my skin looking healthy and youthful.  I started reading about skin and learnt about home remedies, topical creams and also clinical skin tightening procedures. 

Though there are many blog posts on home remedies and topical creams not much is written about the skin tightening procedures that are very much a reality of todays time, its really surprising how so many people might sign up for a procedure without really knowing what it entails or what to expect from it. So, i have put some answers to common questions about skin tightening procedures that can help prepare for a visit to the skincare clinic.

Will Skin Tightening Work on Your Skin?
First obvious question that you should be asking is whether or not your skin can actually be treated with a skin tightening procedure or is it for u? The answer is- It all depends on your skin, the skin type, the severity of wrinkles and sags. Some laser devices and other skin tightening procedures only work on certain skin types or shades. Second, some of them are only meant to treat mild or moderate wrinkles and sags and some skin can only be treated surgically, so its better to analyze our skin first and then consult a good dermatologist and get ur skin checked before 

What Types of Skin Tightening Procedures Are Available?
There are a lot of ways to tighten skin, depending on how loose it actually is and other factors, such as age and the location of the sags or wrinkles. One option is to use sound wave treatments to encourage your body to make more of its own natural collagen. Those treatments are easy and have almost no side effects, but they also aren't as powerful as other options, such as laser procedures.

The fact is that clinical laser machines can be much more powerful than intense pulsed light (IPL), sound wave treatments like radio frequency procedures, and many other options. So, if you have moderate skin sags, you may need to look into your laser procedure options.

Are the Results of Skin Tightening Procedures Permanent?
One big question is will your treatment produce permanent results? The answer is no. Skin sags and wrinkles more as we get older, regardless of which skin treatment we have. Everyone's skin changes from year to year, especially as natural levels of substances like elastin and collagen in the body drop off with age. So, we may need to have repeated treatments, regardless of which type of skin tightening method we use.

Who Can Perform Skin Tightening Procedures?
Technically, who can perform skin tightening procedures depends on the procedure type. There are even at-home treatments that we can use on ourselves. However, for a more involved treatment, it is advisable to go to a certified clinician. And when you do make sure to  question their credentials and certifications carefully before letting them treat you.

How Much Will Skin Tightening Procedures Cost You?
A final thing to consider is the cost of skin tightening procedures. It really varies from clinic to clinic and depends on the clinic's certification and equipments and also on the type of skincare procedure you choose and how often you go in for repeated treatments. In general treatments in cities and other busy areas tend to be more expensive than they would be at clinics in less urban areas. 

Those are some general facts that are good to be aware of about clinical skincare treatments. 

Thank you for stopping by! See you in my next one.



  1. There are lots of treatments out there and these are great tips to determine whats best for one. Thanks for these Chichi.

  2. Such a beautiful photo!

  3. Such a lovely photo. You look so beautiful.

  4. stunning hair and makeup! Love that top as well!

    stop by and chat with me :)

  5. so many options for skin these days! Nice round up!

  6. I'm only in my late 20s and already I feel like I need this! I'm trying to take better care of my skin now but I wish my younger self did.

  7. I dont take care of my skin as i should in my 30s.
    But these are some really good thoughts to keep in mind.
    Thank you for sharing beautiful!
    Richa | Fancier's World


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