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The trousseau must have

Delhi is brimming with festivities after the festivals starts the wedding season. That only means either you are trousseau shopping or someone you know is. My hands are full with responsibilities for my sisters wedding most importantly shopping. When shopping for trousseau one piece that can be overlooked but is very essential for every girl's bridal trousseau is a cocktail dress. Indian wedding shopping we tend to think of sarees, suits, lehngas and the likes. Dresses don’t come to mind, at least didn't come to ours when shopping for my little sisters but were thankfully reminded well on time by mom, just like always mom knows it all!! 

We all have those cocktails parties and events to go to so don’t forget to keep one cocktail dress in your trousseau. Now about the look. I will admit I have done the least here, my only contribution is the messy bun and the earrings which add to the look but obviously do not make it. The maker is the dress designed by upcoming designer duo Uma and Siddhartha for their brand Vaasas fashion studio. And the star is the embellished cape, made of real stones, the kind that makes you the show stopper and the head turner of the event. I felt like a star, no,  I actually felt very beautiful wearing it!!

                           - Indian wear for Diwali, weddings and special occasion 

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  1. Damn, this is absolutely gorgeous and you look stunning in it!
    Aleeha xXx

  2. Wow what a beautiful dress, I love it and you look lovely.


  3. Oooh such a stunning dress! And you look fab! x


  4. That's a beautiful dress wow, you look so gorgeous! xx
    Coco Bella Blog

  5. You look absolutely stunning, Chichi. I love this dress and your earrings are the perfect finishing touch
    Julia x

  6. I've really enjoyed reading this post as a Trousseau isn't something we even think about here in the UK. That dress as well, it is so stunning and you have style did beautifully!

    C x

  7. This is such a lovely read dear. Learned a lot from this post. Also, that's one gorgeous dress.

    Jessica |

  8. You look very beautiful wearing it, what an amazing dress and it is finished perfectly by the cape. You lucky girl. Mich x

  9. What a lovely look, so elegant and sophisticated. Goodness, haven't read about shopping for a Trousseau in years -sounds so genteel. Found you on the Living on Cloud Nince link up.

  10. Waaww! This is really a gorgeous look and I must say the beads has made this completely exotic. Opting a different style really gives us the classy and vibrant look. Though it's not possible all the time, but yes, womens trendy clothing style are always changes and that's a privilege for all the pretty ladies. So always stay in style and choose the best for yourself.


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