Saturday, 30 July 2016

The one trick to flatter your figure

Hey everyone! I am constantly looking for ways to enhance my not so perfect shape through the clothes and things i wear, this lazy bum hasn't exercised for almost 2 years now, change that pleaseeeee, ok no side tracking...!! The one method that i believed would not work but came on top is accentuating the tiniest part of the body aka the waist. And that is true for all body shapes. If you are rectangular cinching the waist will give you the curves, if you are hourglass it will show off your figure, if you are apple a tapered detail just below your bust line will give a great silhouette, if you are  pear it will take the attention from your lower part to your asset, the waist. 

Some of the best ways to highlight the waist are
1) Belt it- the thickness depends upon the outfit and the shape of the body for eg on my body, which is rectangular with some curves a bold belt works better to define the waist also true for apple whereas on a pear shaped or hourglass body a thin belt should be good to highlight that already thin waist. 
2) Tops or dresses that have a built in tapered waist like the fit and flare dresses, the peplum tops and the a line skirts.
3) Through colors- if you are heavy on top than choosing a darker color for the top and lighter for the bottom and vice versa crates illusion of a narrow waist also through color blocking at the waist,
4) Through proportions- like a fitted top with a flare skirt or a loose crop top with high waisted skinnies
5) Tying shirts and jackets around the waist check this look

Couldn't be more happier about this dress (on sale) from Bailey Blue Clothing. Its fit and flare plus has the belt to give me the dream like figure and is made of the best quality cotton, very important for summer. And the stripes and the trendy ruffles what should i say about them!!!! There are also many many boho styles to choose on the site so do check them out!

 I am getting so much use out of my cross body from EAST ( on sale) and the cobalt blue is like a pop but also a subtle one, you know what i am trying to say.

 The sportiness of the baseball cap with the hotness of the heels, think contrasts for interest. And the cap actually has multi use, on this day it protected me from the drizzle while taking pictures!!!!

Dress- Bailey blue Clothing, Cap- New Look, Bag- East, Shoes-Quiz Clothing, Lips- Kat Von D

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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

How to dress up casual chic for a summer day out

Hey everyone! Black and white is the most classic and the chicest combos of all time and in the summer months wearing more white with hints of black is better as a lighter colour palette does not absorb the heat when out in the sun for fun activities during summer and hence more soothing. 
I wore this outfit for a sunny day excursion to Hitchin lavender fields. I was feeling white against all the lavender in the back drop and  without doubt  comfy,  my cotton graphic T and pineapple printed espadrille shoes from RAD.CO  seemed perfect for the weather and the occasion so went with those and  chose this mermaid detail pencil skirt because it has the softest cotton jersey fabric, super duper comfy and i love the contrast of a casual graphic t with a formal silhouette. The skirt and the classic watch make this casual outfit a lot more interesting #casualchic #effortless.


Backpacks are so much better than handbags when u have to be out and moving, u can throw in all the stuff and still be handsfree, such a relief. 

When wearing monochrome in the summer try to add fun and pops of color with lips or bag or shoes, in this case i did with my pineapple print bright blue espadrille shoes and orangey red lips.

The lavender fields were beautiful to say the least and so so photogenic. I had so much fun and literally laughed to the point of crying with my friends Ayesha,  Zahra , Naomi , Zonal  and  multi talented Sahar  who took these pictures. Check her blog you'll know.


Totally digging the  graphic Ts, sweatshirts and fun espadrille  collection on RAD.CO. They both look and feel fun and comfy. With the code 'CHICHI20' you can get a 20% discount on the entire site also on the ADELE x RAD and NEKFEU x RAD collection.

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Saturday, 23 July 2016

the ultimate bag

hey everyone! let me introduce you to the bag that is perfect for day and perfect for night, made for the busy women of today juggling many roles. the designer sarah haran designed VVA bags out of her own need of a bag that is functional for her day job as chief operations officer of a successful it service company and also elegantly suitable for formal functions in the evening. read more

VVA handbags are handcrafted in britain from premium quality ethical leather. This dahlia tote is a two in one, can be worn as it is, specially in the daytime or the front part called the ivy can come off and  be used as an evening clutch or a sling. check this page to learn more. its extremely spacious, on this day i was able to fit another set of full outfit i.e dress, shoes and a clutch into it as was shooting two outfits with my dear friend zahra at theluxeedition and on another occasion i  travelled with the bag  and was  able to fit a loaded back pack into it, luggage restrictions!!!! so you can understand how spacious it is. There are multiple pockets and seriously guys  i haven’t come across a bag with so many practical pockets so super functional as a day bag. 
There is a wide selection of colors and you can also customize the bag to ur liking. It looks, feels and is a very luxe looking bag and the tassels are the cutest attachments. With it i feel like i am sorted for bags for some time!!! 

daniel wellington watch 15%off with code' CHICHI' till 15 august 2016

VVA handbag, skirt (similar), t-shirt, sandals and these, watch 15%off with code' CHICHI' till 15 august 2016, earrings

i can’t stop obsessing over embroidery this season, also check out this look, and a great way to wear it is with classic and solid pieces to highlight the embroidery. and this is how i love to dress on a summer day in the city, a trendy statement piece, a classic 2nd pice like the white t, fun sandals and a super functional bag, the vva.

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